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Why Is Everyone Talking About List Of Best Countries For Watching Tiger Abhi Zinda In Abroad With Visas

Immigration is a stylish and trending topic. Everyone wants to go to the foreign lands. There are many reasons behind it. Many new movies are coming and Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai is one of them. It features of the biggest stars of Bollywood Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Their fan following is in billions all over the world. This film is a sequel to Ek Tha Tiger which was released in 2012. Tiger Abhi Zinda will be featured in cinemas on Eid Day of 2018 which is a international event celebrated across the globe. Migrating to the oversees lands and watching the film in 4K resolution which influencing format for movies and videos can give you exceptional category of experience and pleasure.

Let us now have on the best countries, cinemas and their visas for viewing Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai in abroad lands.

List of Countries and Cinemas

United States of America

United States of America is global leader for movies. Hollywood is the largest film industry of the world and surprisingly best movie theaters are located there. There are many of them in different cities and states.

Check out this Fox Theater Tour


Some of the excellent movie watching hubs of United States of America are:

·         Senator (Baltimore, Maryland)

·         Alamo Drafthouse (Austin, Texas)

·         Fox Theater, (Detroit, Michigan)

·         New Beverly Cinema

There are also many more.

We now look up for the visas


·         B1/B2 Visa

It is the simple tourism, business visit visa. It is of three month. View the movie and plan for the immigration with more opportunities.

·         J Visa

J Visa is an employment and visa holders are called as exchange visitors. There are different types of people who go on this visa like professors, researchers, interns, short term students and etc.

·         I Visa

I Visa is for the journalists and media related personalities. Anyone related to this profession can go on this visa.

·         H1-B Visa

H1-B is the most popular working visa of the United States. It is valid for three years but require at graduation and extremely excellent kind of professional experience. Many people in the world go on this visa.

·         F1-Visa

F1 is the visa for the foreign students. It is also long term educational type of permit.



France is an important country of the world. It is regarded as entertainment capital of the world. There is huge cultural life there. International events to fashion and lifestyle are held there.

List of Cinemas

Some of the notable cinemas in France are:

·         Cinémathèque Française (Paris, France)

·         Pathé Wepler (Paris, France)

·         Cinéma Des Cinéastes (Paris, France)


Schengen Visa

France is located in the Schengen Area of Europe. It is in union of countries who are located in Europe. Schengen Policy for Visas and Immigration is there.

Who can Go?

Currently following ones can easily reach.

·         Professionals

France can be the best place for the professionals. It is one of the hearts of Europe. Once having the Schengen Visa, he can travel anywhere there. 26 countries with one visa can prove extremely beneficial for any worker. Europe also one of the strongest economy in the world. Following documents are required from the professionals for having Schengen Visa.

Contract of the employment

Workers should have an employment contract from the foreign French company. It is very essential for having the visa.

Bank Statement of Last 6 Months

It is mandatory for the overseas workers to provide their bank statement of at least 6 months. Bank can be anyone of the applicants who are seeking French Schengen Visa.

No Objection Certificate from Previous Employer

No Objection Certificate is compulsory for the candidates who are applying for visa. It is a proof that new employee can work easily in France.

Income Tax Statement:

Income Tax Statement is to be shown if applicable. Some of the specific people have to display it who are earning huge amount of revenue.  

·         Entrepreneurs, Self Employed or Business Owner

Entrepreneurs can easily immigrate to France. Newer form of visa is available for them. There are many technology centers in France like the most eminent one in Silicon Center in Paris. Bank statement and income tax is required. The most essential requirement from them is:

Description of Business License

Entrepreneurs have to show their business license. It is very important when applying for a visa.

·         Students

International students can go on long term visas for pursuing higher education in France. Academic standards of this country is one of the best in the world. Many students all over the world reach French soils to have better knowledge and acquire great learning experience. They has also to show the No Objection Certificates from their previous educational institution which can be school, college or university. Check out latest articles on studying in the abroad lands here. One requirement is must for them:

Proof of Foreign Enrolment

Students must have certificate or document in foreign enrolment in French institution. Visa to the students is provided after this.   

·         Retired Persons

Retired persons can also have French Schengen Visa. They have to let the foreign office view their latest pension bank statement.

Additionally, applicants have to buy medical insurance before reaching out to France. It is 30, 000 pound.  

Check Immigration Guides for getting migrated to different groups of people.



India has second largest cinema in the world after United States. Huge number of people are associated with the film industry. There are many cinemas too featuring lot of the movies. Some of the big budget ones are released on the international holidays and events. Indian stars have also enormous amount of fans throughout the world. Population of India has widely dispersed in many countries. Some of the financers and ultra-rich have settled in the best countries which are for the investors. Film industry is the main source of attraction for the foreigners. Many people reach Indian lands have recreation and watching movies. It brings immense amount of revenue.

Top Cinemas of India:

Grading Indian cinemas is very difficult because there are many available in each city. Everyone tries to provide excellent kind of viewership to the movie lovers. Locals go to watch motion pictures on vacations, celebrations, festivals and trips.

List of Cinemas

There are many movie theaters in India and it is very difficult to grade them. Each one try to provide best facilities to the motion picture lovers. The most notable cinema of India is Raj Mandir Cinema which is located in the city of Jaipur. It is also one of the oldest there. Services have been exceptional one which have led it to rank as the top cinema of the world.

Have a look on it in the following video.

Top list of the theaters is:

·         Raj Mandir Cinema (Jaipur, India)

·         24 Karat Cinema (West Mumbai, India)

·         Central Plaza Cinema (Mumbai, India)

·         Cinemax Andheri East (Mumbai, India)

·         Apsara Cinema (Mumbai, India)

Visas Available

There are many visas available for the foreigners.           

·         Business Visa

Business Visa is accessible for the foreigners. Entrepreneurs, traders, financers, industrials, dealers, brokers, retailers, distributors can go on this category of visa. This type of visa can be used for attracting foreign investment. They have to show their sponsoring organization and adequate amount of financial strength.   

·         Conference Visa

Conference Visa is a type of permit issued for attending national and international conferences in India and also capturing other kind of events in India. Organizations support the applicants for the conference visa. 

·         Journalist Visa

Journalist visa is provided to the international journalists want to cover different major events.

·         Student Visa

International students can easily travel to India. Many of the Indian institutes are ranked best ones in Asia. There are diferent schools of thought present there. 



Japan is one of the most developed nations in the world after United States of America. It got defeated by Americans in the World War 2 in 1945 which have led to dropping of the atom bombs on Japenese cities. This tremendous category of devastation has made them extremely hardworking. It is the leader of consumer electronics and specially motor vehicles. Rail transportation in Japan is fastest in the world. Technology is already being installed in the movie theaters and other kind of cinematic professions. Excellent viewership is provided by them. Currently, reigning technology for watching the films is 4D. Many of the motion pictures have been produced in it. Exceptional category of result is provided in this format. Different after effects are combined together. This feature is trending extremely. More and more producers want to make the films in this specific category of arrangement.

Japanese 4D Movie Theater!

View this Japanese cinema.

List of Cinemas

Some of the best cinemas of Japan are:

·         Tokyo Film Centre (Tokyo, Japan)

·         EuroSpace (Tokyo, Japan)

·         Minami Osawa (Tokyo, Japan)

·         Nishiarai (Tokyo, Japan)


Government of Japan has made it accessible for multiple type of foreigners. Many people can reach and immigrate there hence Japanese society has become multicultural in nature. Many business owners have taken start-up visa and shifted there permanently.

Check how life is in Tokyo, capital of Japan.

Lets have a look on the special type of overseas ones who can permanently settle there in Japan.


There are various type of professionals who can Japan like:

·         Specialized persons in any field. They could be multiple occupations.

·         Employees who are working in Japanese in foreign offices. They might be relocated to Japan permanently soil.

·         Semi-skilled professionals in specific type of fields like engineering, metallurgy, air crafting etc. Their experience must be at least 3 years and maximum 10 years.

·         Entrepreneurs and investors can easily migrate to Japan. 5 to 10 million yen are needed.


Japan is a major source of attraction for the international students. It is an emerging market for global education. Technological advancement has captivated there many students in Japan. Currently, 208,379 learners are completing there education there. Japan can become the biggest destination for the international students in the world if its economy beat United States of America.

Internees and Trainees:

Trainees reach Japan if some special type of skills is not present in their home country. It can be best visa for obtaining specific type of skills. Similarly, these apprentices can acquire internship visa afterwards.


In the end, I wish that everyone may enjoy Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai in cinemas. Read my more articles in News and Events section here.

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