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Should you migrate to Australia or USA. These 10 points can help you decide.


Travelling to a foreign country is never an easy decision. There are certain attributes one has to compare before deciding which country will be a best option for one’s self. Especially, when it comes to decide between two favorite migration destinations in the world such as USA and Australia. Let us give you an analysis about the pros and cons of migrating to both of the countries.

Migrating to USA: PROS

Employment Opportunities

Being a well developed country and having massive and broad infrastructure of almost every field and profession, you can have access to a deservingly paid employment opportunity.

Option to Choose Suitable Climate

Not known to many, USA is spread over large area and the 52 states of America have different climate zones. So whoever is migrating to USA, can choose any state whose climate suits their preference and health.

Best Healthcare and Education Facilities

USA is home to world’s best tertiary care facilities and top class Universities and educational institutes. People from all over the world travel to USA in order to avail their health care services and treatment. Migrating to USA will make you able to approach these facilities while residing there.

Cons of Migrating to USA

Racism and Phobias

After the unfortunate incident of 9/11, a wave of racist behavior aroused in US citizens. Resulting in anti Islamic dogmas and intolerance towards South Asians has become a common practice there.

US Citizenship

The migrating families or individuals get US nationality almost after residing there for 10 to 11 years. US have strict laws of nationality and one has to go through a long and tiring procedure to attain US citizenship.

Migrating to Australia: PROS

Easy Rules of Immigration

The Government of Australia has established easy and welcoming immigration rules in the country. It does not take long while to attain Australian citizenship if you follow their laws and avoid being involved in felonies and a dedicated tax payer. The Australian Governments allots permanent visa to migrants for indefinite time of stay as well.

Living Standards

The cost of living is affordable in Australia. It is one the main reason choosing Australia over other options. The schools, hospitals, Universities and houses are established according to modern standards. These facilities make adjusting there quite easy.

Employment Opportunities

Australia is an economically developed country. There are plenty of employment options for patrt time and full time work. The minimum wage set by Australian Government is enough to afford a good standard of living there. Besides, the cost of daily beverages is not so high, you can eat and live there with high standards.

Cons of Migrating to Australia

Expensive Travel Cost

Australia is a distant country. Upon migrating to Australia you will have to spend a huge amount of money to travel back to your country because of high ticketing rates. If your home country is in Asia then it will take 7 to 8 days from recovering from the jet lag.

Different Culture

Australian people have a very different accent of English language which is usually hard to understand initially. Their culture and customs is also different from USA and UK. Restaurants usually close by 10 pm in evening. The people follow strict rules of time and are very punctual regarding work commitments.

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