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7 Best Countries for Pakistani Nationals to Start a Business


There are some countries that are more reliable for business establishment and living compared to others. Pakistanis have their own requirements to start a business in a foreign country. Pakistani passport is not exactly praised and there is a limit to what Pakistani nationals and invest with their rupees. What we require is a country where we can easily start a business while living a peaceful life there with secure future. So here I am sharing with you 7 best countries for Pakistani nationals to start a business.


1 -   Canada:

It is a given fact that we Canada is the most immigration-friendly country in the whole world. They  have got a lot of space, you will find all ethnicities there, and they offer easy business opportunities for foreigners. Canada has strong and stable macroeconomic fundamentals. You will find every natural resource with no shortage in this country. Canadian universities produce quality graduates that make good employees as this country is regarded for its top quality human recourses.

Canada is a large country and hosting people from all around the world. It has good links with every country in world hence extending their business market. In addition, they always welcome Pakistani nationals with open arms even though our passport is ranked 3rd worst of 2017 in the world.


2 -   Australia:

Australia is ranked 5th in the OECD in average disposable income per household. It means that these people earn and spend openly. This makes Australia a good market for business. You will find good and well trained employees here as its higher education system is ranked 4th best in the world. Its stable politics and economy make business easier. In addition, we all know what a beautiful country Australia is. Its beautiful environment and beaches attract tourist and migrants from all around the world. Every 4th Australia is a foreign born forming a diverse cultural society.


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3 -   Germany:

Germany has an incredibly strong economy that attracts immigrants from the continent and beyond. If you make it to a European country, you will have whole Europe as your market. Almost all European countries are a part of European Union and European Economic Area creating countless opportunities for each other. Germany is currently the best country in Europe for Pakistani Nationals to start a business


4 -   Singapore:

The powerhouse city in Southeast Asia has flexible immigration laws. With English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil; many more languages are spoken in its vigorous streets. Migrants from Asia and Pakistan will feel exclusively at home here. This country is overcrowded which may not be a good thing to raise a family but it is definitely great with business point of view. The country is just one big 700 square kilometer city at the edge of the Malay Peninsula, still it's by far one of the riches cities in Asia. You would also admire their traditions when moving here.


5 -   America:

America is still the number one immigration harbor in the world with over one-fifth of all global migrants heading there every year. The disadvantage to that is high competition. Despite all difficult policies for foreigners, America is still one of the best counties for business. You will find all billionaires and every single corporate working in America. It not only creates more opportunities but it also makes your business easy. After all, Americans don’t pay highest salaries in the world for no reason.


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6 -   United Arab Emirates:

With the world's highest scale of foreign-born citizens, oil money-deluged Emirates is an allurement for international businessmen. It's not all human made islands and gleaming skyscrapers. Profit ratios are high for business persons however junior skill migrant laborers notably have hard time. If you are into petrol business or if you're an experienced professional and you want to be part of the activity in the Middle East, you are definitely going right. It is recommended to read newspaper ‘The Gulf’ for better understanding of your goals in this country.


7 -   New Zealand:

If you value essential beauty and a calm pace of life, New Zealand will make an excellent migration destination as it is also great to set up a business. The small island nation offers one of the best work/life equity in the world. Its closeness to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands make it a good business port and its well-admired and robust Maori culture makes New Zealand a differing and friendly country. If you prefer metropolitan commotion, stay away, but if you're ready to cascade and have the mountains and greenery gust your mind, get on board.


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