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Schengen Visa Allows You Access to 26 European Countries! Learn How Pakistani Nationals Can Get Schengen Visa


Travelling has become an integral part of our modern day lives. We plan to travel for various reasons like for vacations, business trips, personal trips and for studies. Some countries issue visa before the arrival and some at the time of arrival but there are some countries in the west side of the globe that have a very different type of visa as compared to the typical visa policies of almost all other countries.

These countries fall under the Schengen Agreement and thus require a different type of visa which is called Schengen Visa. In this article we will be talking about some of the important aspects of what are the necessary requirements that a Pakistani national must have in mind while applying for Schengen Visa. It will explain the whole process while applying for Schengen visa for Pakistani nationals.


What is Schengen Visa?

Schengen visa is a type of visa which is issued to those who want to travel for countries that fall under the Schengen Agreement that includes almost 26 European countries (details of these countries will be mentioned next in the article) that fall in European Union in general. These countries have made travelling very easy under the Schengen Agreement by getting a unified visa which lets you enter any of these countries during your trip without the need of getting separate visa for each country. This adds to the convenience of the travelers and has boosted the tourism in these exotic destinations immensely. This particular name Schengen has its origin in a village on southern Luxemburg, a place where this agreement was signed.


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Schengen Area Member States


·         Luxemburg

·         Malta

·         Netherlands

·         Norway

·         Poland

·         Portugal

·         Slovakia

·         Slovenia

·         Spain

·         Sweden

·         Switzerland

·         Liechtenstein

·         Lithuania

·         Austria

·         Belgium

·         Czech Republic

·         Denmark

·         Estonia

·         Finland

·         France

·         Germany

·         Greece

·         Hungary

·         Iceland

·         Italy

·         Latvia





Categories of Schengen Visa for Pakistani Nationals

*Note these Categories depend on the length and purpose of stay.

·         Airport transit visa (A): This visa allows a short stay in Schengen areas while travelling from one country to another.

·         A circulation visa: This type of visa is valid for 1 year and is basically for business purposes and is issued to those who have an invitation latter from a Schengen country.

·         Short stay visa: Its time period is from 1 to 90 days on one or multiple entry

·         Long stay visa (D): This visa is designed for those who want to exceed their stay in from the 90 day limit and this type of visa is issued by member states in accordance to their national legislation. This normally allows you to stay more than 3 months. This visa is specifically designed for study and work.

·         Transit visa (B): A 1 to 5 days single or double entry. This type of visa is issued to travel from a non-Schengen state to another non-Schengen state territory.


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Fees And Requirements of Schengen Visa for Pakistani Nationals

·         All types of C visa (Transit and Short Stay) – 60 Euro

·         National long stay visas – 180 Euro

·         There are no Visa fees for Children that are under 6, School pupils, students, post graduate students and teachers who take these trips for study purposes or educational trainings.

·         For Children 6-12 visa fees is 35 Euros


Note that all fees is payable in cash and in Euros. Visa processing fees is not reimbursable if a visa is rejected.


How and Where to Apply for Schengen Visa

Applying for a Schengen is a bit different than the other application processes like you do not have a choice to apply at the counselor mission of any country instead you’ll have to apply at the consoler mission of the country in which you intend to stay the most of your time period. It usually takes 15 days to process the visa so apply in accordance to your date of departure.


Documentation Needed to Apply For Schengen Visa for Pakistani Nationals

Here is a list of required documents for a Schengen visa for Pakistani Nationals

·         Two sets of the latest available application for Schengen visa, completely filled (one original and one copy)

·         Family registration certificate issued by NADRA and notarized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

·         Passport (Readable by Machine with at least 2 blank pages).

·         3 recent photos of passport size with no editing whatsoever (natural pose).

·         National Identity card.

·         Marriage certificate (If applicable).

·         Copies of all previous visas (Adds a plus to your application that you have a history of travelling but it doesn’t guarantee visa).

·         All previous passports of the applicant must be provided along with the recent valid one.

·         Salary slips prior 3 months/ income proofs.

·         Travel/Health/Accident insurance. It is a minimum medical coverage in Pakistani rupees 30 Lac.


Other necessary documents may be asked upon your visit to the consoler mission with application as documents do vary from time to time.


Things to Keep Note About Schengen Visa for Pakistani Nationals

Even if you follow the whole procedure and instructions that doesn’t guarantee you the award of Schengen visa this totally depends upon policies of the Schengen countries. Another important thing to note is that once granted the visa keep all the necessary documents in hand as the border police may ask about them while crossing a country. Getting appointment with the consulate should be done through Email as it is the most appreciable way to do so.


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Interview for Schengen Visa of Pakistani Nationals

Before granting Schengen Visa for Pakistani Nationals an interview might be conducted by visa authorities. Some of the questions that are asked frequently during the interview are following.


1.     What is the purpose of the visit?

2.    Who will pay for your visit?

3.    Which Schengen countries you are planning to visit?

4.    How long you are going to stay in Schengen countries?

5.    Where are you going to stay?

6.    What are your educational qualifications?

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