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Living in Switzerland is Not as Difficult as You Think! See How and Why Migrate to This Beautiful Country



Situated in Western-Central Europe, Switzerland consists of 26 cantons with the city of Bern being the seat of the federal authorities. It is a very beautiful country that made it one of the most favorite tourist destination. Everyone in their lifetime has at least once heard of this country and praises how amazing this nation is. Most of the people in developing countries don’t even think about migrating to Switzerland because they think it is way out of their league. I have done my research and I am telling you that it is not as difficult as you think. There are already over 20 percent foreigners living in Switzerland. Let’s discuss why you should consider migrating to Switzerland and what is the proper way to do it. 


Lifestyle in Switzerland

Switzerland is a symbol of peace and beauty for all countries. It has a very high lifestyle, with pretty much cold weather. Everything is found in order here because of its good administration. Law and order is strong and most of the people are disciplined. There is also no lack of opportunities. This is probably why Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world. In 2015, it was ranked the happiest country in a global report.

There are four languages spoken in Switzerland: French, German, Italian, Romansch. German is most widely spoken language in this country. If you know any of these language you can easily make a living here. As living standards are high, living cost in Switzerland is also touching the sky. Two of the Swiss cities in Switzerland were ranked first and third most expensive cities in the world to live. If prices are high, earning is also comparatively good to easily afford these expenses.

Switzerland is not liked by tourists for no reason. Everything in this country just adds more of the beauty to it. There are over 1500 lakes and 208 mountains in Switzerland. It possess a historical heritage and culture of its own. Each city has its own colorful and unique environment. Switzerland has a good ratio of population according to their land area. It is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world.


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Opportunities in Switzerland

Before anything else, you will be happy to know that Switzerland pays third highest salaries in the world. Zurich and Geneva are the main economic centers and global cities of Switzerland. Switzerland is basically a very rich country and a number of world’s richest businessmen are found here thus creating more opportunities for work seekers. As per law, foreigners are also given the same rights in workplace as any Swiss citizen. Switzerland is home to many world class companies. Some of world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies have particularly made their name in its market.

If you want to work in Switzerland, it is important that you know at least one of the official languages of Switzerland. A number of jobs involve English speaking but if you speak Swiss official languages only then most of the doors to opportunities will open to you. I would suggest to learn German as it is largely spoken in Switzerland. It will also help if you were to visit Germany that is a neighbor of Switzerland.

Unemployment rate in Switzerland is one of the lowest in the whole world. If you are skilled in your field than it will be easier for you find a job in Switzerland. Switzerland is a member of European Union. If you get Swiss residency or Schengen visa, you have whole Europe in front of you with open opportunities. Swiss citizens are not required visa to visit other European countries. You can visit any other country of EU for work and business without much restrictions. Technically, by becoming a Swiss, you will become a European thus part of world’s largest economical group.

If you are a student, you should know that Switzerland has a very strong higher education system with one of the lowest study cost. It is also home to world’s 10th and 12th best ranked universities to study in 2018. You should definitely see this Study in Switzerland Guide if you are a student or teacher.


How to Get Swiss Work Visa?

In order to apply for Swiss work visa, one must first get a job in Switzerland. Once you are accepted as employee in a Swiss company, they will get authorization for a work visa for you from the proper authorities in Switzerland. Meanwhile, you will apply for entry visa in Pakistan. A residence or settlement permit will be required to enter and work in Switzerland. Once you receive authorization for work then you will submit all required documents to Swiss embassy in Pakistan with application for entry. Residence and work permit is received after arrival in Switzerland.

Real issue here is getting a job in Switzerland while you are in Pakistan. Professional network is a great asset to get a job. You can also search and apply for jobs online. Another way is to temporarily visit Switzerland, find and get a job. Then come back to your country and apply for entry visa. There are plenty of work opportunities in Switzerland, all you need to be is expert in your field.


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How to Get Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency in Switzerland is settlement permit C that allows you to live in Switzerland for lifetime with almost same rights as Swiss citizens. Work visa is temporary and requires renewal after specific amount of time and you are always considered a foreigner. You don’t have this issue with permanent residency. In order to apply for permanent residency in Switzerland one must have lived about 10 years (or less in some cases) without leaving this country for large period of time. You must prove proficiency in one of the official languages of Switzerland to apply for permanent residency.


How to Get Citizenship in Switzerland?

Swiss passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world with visa free access in 171 countries. Citizenship in Switzerland is almost like permanent residency but with additional rights. After becoming a Swiss citizen, you can also hold a public office and vote in Switzerland. You can leave country for as long as you want and won’t require visa to come back. Most of the permanent resident in Switzerland don’t even apply for citizenship as they are satisfied and happy even with it. If you want to get Swiss citizenship, you must have lived for about 12 years in Switzerland and must be a permanent resident.


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