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Here See the 10 Most Expensive Countries in the World with Highest Living Cost



Whether it’s for study, work, business or to make a living with family; It is important that you must know the living cost of the country if you want to migrate there. One can’t deny the fact that money is one of the most important things in the world and almost everyone has to work hard every day of his life to fulfill this need. Even if you are rich in your country, you may be one of the poorest in some other country. Particularly when compared to developing countries like Pakistan and India, a lot of countries are hundreds of times more expensive. Before you finalize your decision to migrate to a foreign country here see the most expensive countries in the world with highest living cost. In this article we have shared these 10 countries with highest living cost ranked by Numbeo.


10 -   Singapore

Singapore is second most expensive place in whole Asia. It is also Asia’s most popular tourist destination. Singapore is a developed state city with a great higher education system. It is also one of Four Asian Tigers. reported cost of living in Singapore to be 237% higher than Pakistan. Rents in Singapore are very high as compared to Pakistan they cost 1,223% more. Singapore economy and job market have not been very good lately nor expected to improve in 2017.Singapore is ranked 10th most expensive country in the world to make a living in 2017 by


9 -   Israel

Israel, a Jewish country, is 9th most expensive country in the world. Visiting Israel is also not very easy for Pakistani Nationals. Pakistan has not accepted Israel as sovereign state and its Passport is valid for all countries but Israel. If you have dual nationality then it is possible for you enter Israeli borders. According to, Cost of living in Israel is over 220% higher compared to Pakistan. Rents in Israel also cost more than 536% compared to Pakistan.


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8 -   Japan

Japan is a strong economy with one of world’s best education system. Literacy rate in Japan in 100%. It was ranked the 8th most peaceful country of 2017 in the world. There are plenty of job and business opportunities in Japan and it is best in the field of technology. It is 8th most expensive country in the world. Average cost of living in Japan is 241% higher than Pakistan. Rented accommodations in Japan also cost 403% more than rents in Pakistan.


7 -   US Virgin Islands

An insular area of the United States in the Caribbean, US Virgin Islands is a beautiful group of islands. According to statistics, living in US Virgin Islands costs 242% more than Pakistan. It is 7th most expensive country to live in 2017. Rents in US Virgin Island are 706% higher compared to Pakistan.


6 -   Denmark

Denmark is once of Scandinavian countries comprising over 100 islands and the Jutland Peninsula. Denmark was ranked the 2nd most peaceful country in 2017 and has been named among most peaceful countries many times before. This country is like a fairyland with very nice people and environment, reported happiest country, and also the least corrupt nation according to Corruptions Perception Index. Denmark is 257% more expensive than Pakistan. When it comes to accommodation, rents in Denmark are 605% higher than Pakistan.


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5 -   Bahamas

Bahamas is an island nation which makes it difficult for this country to import far outstrip exports. This causes the prices to go high in this country. Cost of living in Bahamas is almost 299% higher compared to Pakistan. Average rent in Bahamas is 631% higher than in Pakistan. Bahamas is also a popular tourist spot and famous for its pink sand on beaches.


4 -    Norway

Norway is a beautiful cold country and also one of the most popular study abroad destination. Norway is a developed country with a very high lifestyle. This makes it an expensive place to live. According to, Cost of living in Norway is almost 337% higher compared to Pakistan. Norway’s currency is Norwegian krone which as of 2017 is equal to 13.65 Pakistani Rupees.


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3 -   Iceland

Not as cold as it may sound, Iceland is one of world’s most peaceful and beautiful countries in the world. As amazing this country is, it is also third most expensive country in the world with high living cost. It is without a doubt great country to move with your family if you have enough financial resources to afford it. According to, Cost of living in Iceland is over 365% higher compared to Pakistan.


2 -   Switzerland

One of the top tourist destinations and also a study abroad destination, Switzerland is world’s second most expensive country to live in 2017. Before Bermudian city, Zurich (city in Switzerland) was named the most expensive city in the world, followed by Geneva, named third most expensive city in the world. It is a beautiful country with an attractive and peaceful environment that make living here worthwhile. It may be expensive but with their best administration it pays off. According to, Cost of living in Switzerland is over 409% higher compared to Pakistan.


1 -   Bermuda

I am not talking about the Bermuda Triangle here. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean that is officially the most expensive country in the world. This country is like a tax haven probably making it more expensive. Its capital city Hamilton is also the most expensive city to live in. Bermuda consists of 181 islands with a total area of 53.3 square kilometers. According to, Cost of living in Bermuda is over 456% higher compared to Pakistan.


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Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist people selecting the right career path.


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