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Here Learn All Possible Ways to Get Citizenship of a Foreign Country



Since the time we are born till we die, we are bound to only one country. Only one country which we can call home and where we are given all rights. Whole world is divided by borders, we can visit other parts of the world but with strict limitations. So, basically only one country is our world. Some people want to expand their world. Live free and have more opportunities with more people, culture and countries. To live in a country without any limitations one has to become its citizen.

The more citizenships we have, the more bigger our world is. We can go to any of those places whenever we want. However, not all countries allow foreigners to have more than one citizenships. For example, in order to become a citizen of Saudi Arabia, one has to leave the citizenship of their own country. One can live and work in such countries but can never be a citizen unless fulfilled above mentioned condition. In today’s article, we will discuss all the possible ways to get citizenship of a foreign country. Not all these methods are applicable in every country. These are general methods of getting citizenship in most countries.


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1 -    By Birth in The Country

I know you can’t make yourself born again but it could be beneficial for your next generation. If you are a Pakistani in a foreign country on a tour in a foreign country and assume you are about to have a baby. If the kid is born in that country, he or she will be their citizen. The kid is a Pakistani as well as foreigner because he gets the citizenship of the country he was born in. Every country has their own rules, proper procedures and some conditions. However, kid eventually gets the citizenship but it is also not applicable in all countries.


2 -   If One of the Parents Were Born in the Country

If any one of your parents were born in a different country than yours, here you have a chance of getting another citizenship. If you were born in Pakistan but one of your parents have citizenship or nationality of another country then you can claim the citizenship of that country too. It is, in fact, your basic right to claim that citizenship. Some countries may even have problems in this procedure too. For example, if your father is a Saudi citizen but you were born in Pakistan, you are eligible for Saudi citizenship. But if your mother is a Saudi citizen, you will have hindrances in acquiring Saudi citizenship this way.


3 -   By Naturalization

The most common and difficult way of getting citizenship of a foreign country is by Naturalization. It is most common because in most cases one just don’t have the power to use other ways. I mean if once done, how can you force yourself or your parents to be reborn in a foreign country. But in naturalization, you don’t have to do anything like this. Let me now explain Naturalization.

You get citizenship by Naturalization by living in the foreign country for a long time. You have to live in your desired country for 5 to 15 years depending on the country and their rules. Even after living there for this long, your application can still be rejected. When applying for citizenship, you have to fulfill an eligibility criteria. For example, most common conditions are that you must be in a financially stable position and must not have a bad record like crime.

You don’t have citizenship then how can you live in a foreign country? Answer to that is also not very simple. You have to first apply for some temporary visa i.e. for work. Then live for required years by renewing your visa when required. In some countries, people are required to get permanent residency first and then apply for citizenship. Sometimes, you may even be required to give up the citizenship of your own country.


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4 -   Being Married to a Citizen of the Country

A lot of people misused this opportunity in past that is why this method is also getting difficult these days. You can get the citizenship of a foreign country if you marry a citizen or national of that country. You marry a American, you get American citizenship. But as I said, people have misused this opportunity so it is not that simple anymore. People would buy a wife or husband to get citizenship. They would pay or fraud someone to get married and after getting citizenship, they would divorce them. Now government seriously scrutinizes the matter first and then take a decision. Canada don’t even allow this way of citizenship.


5 -   By Legacy:

This is a rare case but still it is a case and people acquire citizenship through this. If the part of country you are born in was once a part of another country then you may be eligible to apply for the citizenship of that other country. An example is the state of Goa in India. State of Goa used to be a  Portuguese colony. Now citizens or nationals of India born in the state of Goa are eligible for Portuguese citizenship.


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Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist people selecting the right career path.


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