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8 Important Things You Must Know Before Migrating to a Foreign Country



A lot of families are migrating to developed foreign countries from the countries like Pakistan and India. Though it is done for good but if not thought carefully, one may end up regretting their decision. Moving to a foreign country requires a great deal of energy, resources and time. Even after all this struggle if a single thing goes unexpected, it can sabotage all your efforts and dreams.

In order to avoid any mishaps, it is better to have complete knowledge of what you are about to do. One should do thorough research and must keep all points in view that can possible go wrong. Team has the same motive that’s why they research day and nights to bring all the useful information and queries to you. In today’s article, I have shared 8 most important things you must know before migrating to a foreign country.


1  -    It Can Be a Risk

I am not discouraging or something but migration is a huge life decision. Though it is best for some, it also contains a great risk. You actually have to leave your home and go live in a far strange land. When you go to a foreign country, you also definitely need some way to earn your living. Be prepared, if you don’t find a job. You may have trouble settling in the country or you might not like the environment. What if you don’t get the house or have to leave it for some reason. There can be many more issues. Make sure that you have considered every single possible risk and then implement your decision.


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2  -   Immigration Policies

It is very important that you must know complete immigration policies of your destination. You must have knowledge of every law, rules and consequences of failing them. If you don’t follow the rules, you may end up deported back to your homeland. They won’t ask nor care if you didn’t know the policies.


3  -    How is Food

Pakistani people have some serious preferences when it comes to food. First of all, they can’t eat any Haram food. Moreover, they usually need some heavy sort of diet to kill their hunger. One must know the food preferences of the country chosen as their immigration destination. Even if you are going to cook at home, you must know whether the ingredients will be available there or not. In addition, have the knowledge of all products used by manufacturer to make the ingredients you may use. There may be something used that is taboo for you to use. You see alcohol is very common and pigs are also used in normal routine in almost all Non-Muslims countries.


4 -    Cost of Living

People usually only arrange only for a regular income in the country they want to live. They will find a job or start a business. You should also know the cost of living of that country. Just because you are getting a salary doesn’t necessarily mean that cost of living will be adjustable in it. Some countries have really high prices and cost a lot more than what they offer as wage.


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5 -   Education System

If you are planning immigration then you definitely need to think deeper and more ahed of time. Education system is very important for a country to develop. If the country’s education system is a flop, I would say there is not much future there. Your kids will need education if not in present then may be in future. Just researching about universities is not enough, see how the school system of that nation is ranked. In addition, I would also recommend considering the condition of health system.


6   -  Law and Order

If there is no law, people would be doing just as they please. Person can be good but people are definitely dangerous. This is why we have laws and law forces to keep everything in order. Research answers of some questions about your destination. See how is there government and politicians. Whether the government is stable or not otherwise there will be new problems every few months. How is police department and the general crime and violence rate of that country. You can easily find the crime ratio of every country online and how it is ranked when it comes to peace. Here see the Most Peaceful Countries in the World to Migrate for Pakistani Nationals.


7 -   Housing and Real Estate

You can’t always live in a rental house. Usually rents are pretty high in developed countries. Have a look at the market of Housing and real estate of country. See the population and living area of the country. This should not be just an overall research of country but your target is city in this case. Some cities have very low rate of population while some cities are overflowing. In suburb areas, living standard are usually nice, there is low population and residence is easily available. However, opportunities may lack there. It’s your choice where and how you live but be sure to have this knowledge before you finalize your decision to move.


8 -    Society and People

You are going to live with people. Even if there are plenty of opportunities, nice government, maintained law still it matter a great how the society is. What you need to know are beliefs, nature and festivals of that area. For example, people of American state, Texas are said to more violent compared to other states of the country. You should also know how people are going to react seeing a foreigner of your color and beliefs. They may have many big degrees still world is full of racists and narrow minded people.



Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist people selecting the right career path.


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