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Beware of these common scams by immigration agents in Pakistan and worldwide.


Visa Scams are stumbling block for intending immigration seekers around the world. The predicament lies in choosing between real and fake consultants. In India and Pakistan, the situation is worse. Scammers trick people easily and get away with that without them even knowing. The plight is that, scam and fraud regarding visa procedure is widespread in Pakistan, take an example of Axact, which is concluded as the biggest visa scam registered in history. People don’t really know they have been defrauded until the agents vanish from the scene. The fake agents exploit innocent people, tempt them with inexpensive cost of visas and take advantage of their hopes and dreams. The awareness regarding scams and frauds in Pakistan has been spread after Axact scam; here are the common scams which are practiced by immigration agents in Pakistan.

Guaranteed Visa Claim:

The phrase, ‘Guaranteed visa’ is itself questionable. Visa attainability whether for immigration or study abroad is based on eligibility and rules and regulations which are different in every country. To attain visa, people have to go through process, in which one might or might not succeed. Evidently, there is no one who can guarantee you that you will attain visa until you pass eligibility criterion and at last get visa stamped on your passport.

We Have Contacts:

The’ Contacts’ and ‘Links’ will not work for visa access because it is possible only through merit and selection of specific countries home affairs and immigration department. The consultants might have contacts, but these contacts can only help in delivering information about updated visa policies but not in doing some favors.

Inexpensive Visa Packages:

Don’t fall into this trick of lowest costs and inexpensive deals. If something is being sold at price of $10, how can the agents buy you that in $2? Same goes with visa expenses, the fees and documentation costs the same for everyone. You will have to pay what it costs, these agents will defraud you and loot your money and vanish.

Check Registration:

There are registered and un-registered consultants, check for their authentication before using their services. Ask for their registration certificate and find out for how many years they have been doing their work. Only that way, you might be able to differentiate between real and fake registration of consultants.

Offer of Illegal Documents and Bank Balance:

The scammers and frauds will make offers of providing you with fake bank balance document and certificates, saying that will help you in attaining visa. Don’t fall for that. These documents might land you in legal trouble. Cross check the documents being provided to you as well, before showing them to foreign embassies and legal departments.

Acquire information directly from Embassy:

The most important safety measure is to acquire first hand information about your desired immigration foreign country from its embassy in your home country and then match it with the details given to you by consultants to authenticate their originality.

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