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Got money? These countries sell quick immigration for a price


You might have heard the phrase,’ Money can’t buy everything’, in your life several times. Not everything but money can buy you an immigration visa certainly. The term “Elite Visa” is for such intenders who are ready to pay a huge amount to gain a dual citizenship or second passport. The Elite Visa is bought by businessmen and investors mainly. Having a dual citizenship is a long term investment if you are going to start a business in a new country, plus citizenship is fir lifetime, it can never be taken away from you. Commonly, the real estate investors, businessmen and frequent travelers gain this paid visa type. The following countries are selling citizenship on a price:

If you have a whooping amount of $15,000 then you can buy citizenship of Thailand. Overall, there are seven visa types offered by Thai Governmen t which are paid. If you are able to pay $3,000 then you can live for year in Thailand, the most expensive is Elite Ultimate Privilege Scheme.

The amount of GBP 200,000 can get you a PR visa. Under this visa type the candidate must live in UK for 9 months each year. The permanent visa will be allotted after five years.

The amount of EUR 350,000 can make you eligible for Portugal golden visa ARI programme. PR visa will be granted after five years and minimal stay in Portugal for this time span is only 7 days per year. The candidate will be able to move in all Schengen states.

The amount of EUR 100,000 can not only make you have your own citizenship but also for your family and children for lifetime. The Moldova passport holder has entry in 121 countries including UK, Europe, and Russia.

The amount of EUR 500,000 will acquire you Spanish citizenship after ten years. This amount can be invested in real estate, bonds and company shares. This visa type is called Spanish golden visa program.

The amount of EUR 1,000,000 can achieve you Irish citizenship under time span of 5 years, the visa type is called Irish immigrant investor program. This amount can be invested in Ireland in form of real estate or business.

The amount of EUR 350,000 to be invested in Belgium in fields of real estate, government bonds or company shares will make you eligible for Belgium golden visa programme. No language tests required and no need to stay permanently in Belgium.

The amount of EUR 900,000 can make you gain eligibility for Malta Citizenship by investment programme. The passport of Malta for your whole family will be granted within 15 months, no tests required.

The amount of EUR 2,000,000 can get Cypriot passport within 6 months. This amount can be invested in property or business.

The amount of EUR 1,250,000 in real estate investment, government bonds or passport will get a Dutch Citizenship within 5 years.

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