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Top 10 favorite destinations of immigration for Pakistanis


There are certain factors one has to look upon while making decision to migrate to a foreign country. These factors include:-healthcare facilities, educational institutes, accommodation expenses, visa requirements, employment opportunities, flexibility of laws for immigration for family and standards of living. The ultimate decision of immigration should be made based on availability of these factors, moreover the environment and culture of the country also counts. Migrating to a foreign country is interpreted as evolving one’s life into a better model. For those who are looking upon best countries in terms of immigration laws, following is the list sorted for your guidance and consultancy.

Immigration to Australia:

Australian immigration policy is flexible and especially accommodating to skilled professionals. The minimum wage per hour is $18.93 and $719.20 per week. Accommodation expenses are also affordable and Australia is home to world’s best educational institutes. Skill Based immigration in Australia is offering plenty of privileges to candidates.

Immigration to New Zealand:

New Zealand is not a populated country and people have fewer penchants to immigrate to New Zealand, which makes its immigration accessible. Furthermore, New Zealand is looking for young professionals. The minimum wage per hour is $16.50 and $660 per week. Setting up a new business in New Zealand can also be extremely beneficial. The immigration policy is flexible and it is one of the favorite destinations for those who are trying to settle abroad, its economy is booming and there are plenty of employment opportunities as well.

Immigration to Argentina:

A land of beautiful landscape and scenes, it will be a delight to live in. The health care facilities, educational facilities, free of cost legal help, rights of family makes it best place to immigrate. Anyone who has maintained a good legal and character record, he/she will get permanent residency visa after 5 years of stay in Argentina. The monthly minimum wage is fixed at 418.5 € Euros.

Immigration to Brazil:

The immigration policy of Brazil is regarded as easiest. Brazilian passport holders can travel to any country in the world. The Pakistanis looking to set up a business in a foreign country, Brazil is best option for them. It has a strong economy and there are plenty of employment opportunities there as well. The minimum wage per hour is R$4.26 or R$31.23 per day, whereas the monthly minimum wage was of R$880.00 (US$270.38).

Immigration to Germany:

Education in Germany is free of cost and highly classified. The immigration policy of Germany is quite flexible and there are plenty of employment opportunities. The living and transportation system in Germany is well managed and affordable, the facilities for families are extremely accommodating which makes Germany a good option for migration. The minimum wage in Germany is 1,498.00 EUR per month.

Immigration to Canada:

Canada is best country to immigrate, especially for qualified and educated people. There are numerous employment opportunities for IT experts, Engineers and Doctors. The immigration policy facilitates its candidates with health, accommodation and transportation expenses.

Immigration to United Kingdom:

Immigration in United Kingdom is dream of many but it is not easily acquired. The UK government provides accommodation, medical care, allowances and employment opportunities to its asylum seekers. However, the rate of immigrants is very high in UK, now it is made more strict rules of qualification for immigration.

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