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Marriage to a UK Citizen- Migrate Immediately

UK Marriage Visa

There are many options for foreign nationals for reaching out to the United Kingdom. Pakistanis are a larger community living there. More than 10 million are living there successfully. People migrate on the basis of employment, business and family. Read more about the immigration reasons in Why Do People Migrate?

Today, we are going to discuss about UK Marriage Visa.


UK Marriage Visa has some of the requirements. Couples must be above 18 years. Their wedding must be registered. British citizens have to sponsor their partners. After getting the visa and staying for a longer period of time, they can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain for the permanent residence. Following records are required for getting visa for marriage.

1.  Passport

2.  Proof of Financial Stability which can be on self-support or from British mate.

3.  Comprehensive plan about the activities to be done in the territories of United Kingdom.

4.  International English Test Scores can also be required.

Those people who go on this visa cannot do full time employment. Their professional activities are limited on it.

Government is constantly changing migration rules like United States which is altering its policy. Study more about the Future of US Immigration. Marriage Permit has lot of the advantages for the people living overseas.

Let’s read more about it.


Finding Soul Mate is Part of Life

Marriage is the universal fact of the world. All of the global religions preach about it. Human beings cannot live alone or with a group of friends. Everybody is different from each other. We have to decide about the future of our life and luck. After being engaged in wedlock, one can share his or her happiness and sorrows with the life partner. It raises public life of anyone in UK.

We Have to Live Socially

Wedding boosts our social life to maximum extent. Single becomes double. “One plus one=eleven” is a famous old quotation. Doing anything as being sole identity does not give enjoyment and happiness. Matrimony is a special relationship which is extremely different from others. Union is a sign of strength.


Having Business and Working Options

United Kingdom is a well-developed economic nation. It had the largest empire in the history. Each and every business sector of Britain is regarded as high profile in the world. Majority of the corporations are a source of foreign direct investment. Anyone can gain worldwide recognition while working there. Couples can easily work there. Labor Law is more comfortable there.

Remain Healthy and Safe from Diseases

Interesting fact of doing marriage in the UK are the health benefits. Living expectancy of there is excessively high. People live for a prolonged period of time there. Risk of being prone to heart attack also decreases. Anyone remains happier and feels less anxious. Immunity which the human ability of tackling diseases expands due to wedding reasons. People get better lifestyle and entertainment in the proper way. Their soul mate warns them while doing anything wrong. Medical problems also decreases.   


Getting UK Marriage Visa and then Indefinite Leave to Remain will be fruitful for those who are planning to do marriage in the United Kingdom, meanwhile you can read Finding Better Living Options, Immigrate To Developed Nations

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