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Why Do People Immigrate?

Immigration is a process by which citizens of one countries settle in another for a number of reasons. Historically, this was a difficult process because of the less means of transportation mediums. It takes months for reaching to other countries of the world. Progression in the world let to many immigrations. Highly Developed economies of Europe, American and Australian lands captivated majority of the foreigners.

Economy of Pakistani has been extremely weak due to lack of political and economic leadership. It led to immigration of the Pakistani people to other lands. 21st Century in Pakistan has come many new issues like terrorism and population explosion. More and more people want to have a home in other countries for better standard of living. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America have the largest population of them.

Let use some of the reason because of which many people have travelled across other countries.

Reasons of Migration

Gaining Better Employment

The foremost factor is of the employment. Currency of Pakistan is losing value in the international market. Social factors led to the unemployment which is a source of the crimes in the international society. Other countries have exceptional kind of opportunities for the candidates. Many of them have eased visa processes for the following:

Highly Specialized Professionals

They are easily given immigrant visa by the major countries.


Small and medium business owners can go to the foreign lands on the business and startup visa. They are provided with the permanent residence in a minimum amount of time which could be four to five years.


Investors are thought to be great assets of the advanced economies. They are some of the luckiest persons on the Earth who can comfortably residence and citizenship of other states.

All of the countries have work permits for the experts.  

Living in Exceptional Conditions

Living conditions in Pakistan seems to one of the worst in the world however there are many places in the world which have formulated welfare systems for their citizens. Traveling options are now relaxed in comparing to older times. Europeans can travel free in the Schengen Area. Americans can go 174 countries without restrictions, Singaporean to 173 and Australians to 169.

Better Learning

How United States of America did became superpower? It is not just military equipment but the education. Universities there are ranked as the best institutions of learning in the modern world. Getting better education there is also a primary factor for the immigration. People want to gain more knowledge and research.

Participating in Power Politics

The countries which have progressed at lower level does not give right freedom of experience. Public living in those nations are publically discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language and other regional bases.

Countries with the evolved political systems permit their population to take part in the matters of the state without any distinction.

Establishment of Better Families

Masses everywhere think of getting married and raising a family in the prosperous lands. Most of them are called by their immediate relatives. Others successfully do wedding and sponsored by their spouses.


There are many factors which lead to the migration of the common people.

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