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New Immigration Topic Flag Theory

Immigration and Different Reasons

Immigration is a famous trend for better lifestyle. People migrate due to different reasons. Some of the countries are those which are especially made of immigrants. Laws of many countries are different from each other financially and politically. Pakistani citizens have emigrated to the American, European and Middle Eastern nations. Prospective one wants to discover more countries which are easy for relocation and permanent settlement.

Growing Globalization on Earth and Fastest Interactions

Globalization have increased on our planet Earth after inventions of 18th and 19th Century. Two major multinational wars (World War I and II) led the leadership of many countries to work for the better welfare of humanity. United Nations made after ending of Second World War. All of these were the political steps.

Invention of computer and mobile in 20th and 21st Century was technical phases towards internationalism.  Some of the nations in the world offer citizenship easily which also contribute towards intercontinental life.


Flag Theory and Global

Flag Theory is a newer kind of concept which has evolved few years back. It means living globally in many countries for exceptional kind of reasons. There are some of the concepts explained below:

1.  Citizen have not pay tax money when they are out of their country

2.  Living in country without tax or having minimum amount of levy.

3.  Doing business in a tax haven

4.  Living in asset haven

5.  Spending time in playgrounds, doing corporate activities with low taxes and free trade zones.


Future of Flag Theory

Flag Theory is possible having multinational citizenship. European counties have developed Schengen Area which can be good example for flag theory. Anyone in this area can travel freely. Educational and healthcare programs are open to anyone

United States of America and Canada has also started such welfare systems for their people. Their citizens does not require a visa due to traveling.

Global citizenship movements have started in the world. We hope that life integrated with technology and better immigration standards will be brighter in future.

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