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List of Countries with Less Pakistanis

Pakistanis have migrated to different nations of the world. Many countries of Earth have been explored by them. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States are the most popular destinations for Pakistanis. There are many other countries in which they are minority. People who want to go abroad want to live other places which are newer for them.

Let’s read more about those countries which have least population of Pakistanis.


Exclusive List of Countries

North Korea

North Korea is an eastern country located in Chinese sea. It is bordered by South Korea. Tensions between two countries remain extremely high. Koreans are the innovators of modern technology like the development of mobile. Pakistanis professionals are employed at various sector like construction, telecommunications and agriculture. There are only 10 Pakistanis in South Korea.


Palestine is another region for the Pakistani people. Pakistan recognize Palestine State in Holy Land and rejects Israeli ownership. It fought wars against Israel for the safety of Palestinians. Pakistani soldiers were the first immigrants there. They have trained local military. There are also other religious people, pacifists, scholars, historians and other business people who are living there. Palestine has 26 Pakistanis. View migration guides for going to other countries.


Kosovo is a Muslim majority state which have gained recently. It is  a newer country but there remains political problems. Independence was obtained in 2008. Economy of the state has started growing slowly. Kosovo has also signed peace deals with neighboring states for ensuring peace in the region. Only 14 Pakistanis are in Kosovo.


Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia is also fresher state which has emerged on the map of the world in 90s. Its economy is growing day by day. There can be many employment opportunity for the professionals. Many ethnic groups live in the Republic. Some of the Turkish Pakistanis also live here. Macedonia has currently 14 Pakistanis.



Pakistanis have reached to the Caribbean lands after independence. Some of the migrants are Pakistani cricketers. Suriname is a smaller country located in South America region. There are only 5 Pakistanis in Suriname. Checkout other nations of that region which provides citizenship in less years. 

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