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More Countries Are Also for Immigration of Pakistanis

Pakistanis have immigrated by different methods. There are many countries in the world in which they are in majority. Some of those like United Arab Emirates have more Pakistani people than Emirati citizens. They are the third largest ethnic group in Norway.

Let’s read about more countries for going abroad.

Smarter Countries


Argentina is a powerful South American. It has formed alliance with other states of that region for becoming powerful economy. It will be excellent for the football lovers there is huge scope of this popular sport. There are many welfare programs provided to the permanent residents or citizens.


Brazil is the leading nation of South America. It is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area and there is robust economy. All nations of southern territory has signed major trade agreements with Brazil. It is also part of BRICS which is a popular group of mighty nations. They are Brazil, Russia, India and China. Weather of Brazil is also extremely safe for the businesspeople and others. Migrants can live here easily.  


Italy is an influential country of the European Union. Romans have been ancient powers of the old times. Vatican City which serves as Christian headquarters is also located there. It is said that Western civilization has born from the cities of Italy. Milan is notable for fashion and entertainment. Social programs are also available in Italy and there are also collaborative welfare projects which citizens of Italy can initialize also in other European states.


Norway is a Nordic nation. Nordic means of group of countries which are located in the northern portion of Europe. They are Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Norway is ranked as the top most country for living by various surveys. Human development is excellent and best there. Pakistanis are found in abundance. Read more some countries which easily accepts immigrants.


Belgium is another European nation to be preferred for the Pakistanis. It is part of Schengen Area. Citizenship can be obtained by living and working there. Huge amount of salaries are given to the employees. Belgian citizens can go to 173 countries in the world.


These are some of the best countries in the world. Having more interesting and informative about immigration topics in the News and Events section.

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