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Immigration Laws and Their Assessment

There are different categories of immigrations available. People all over the world are likely to reach new homelands and horizons. Pakistanis are dispersed all over the world. Many businesspeople, investors, scientists and intellectuals are working and living abroad. Sportsmen like cricketers have also settled in other nations for gaining better athletic experience. Movement of the people have started from the 19th Century and is still going on. Major countries of the world have specific laws called immigration laws. They are a legal framework for bringing accurate category of people and preventing illegal migrations. These also defined methods for given permanent residency and citizenship to the qualifying candidates.

Let’s have a look on the immigration law of some major countries which are favorite among Pakistani people.  

United States Immigration Laws

United States of America is notable country for the foreigners. Economic and technological progress in America is highest in the world. There have been many laws relating to the settlement of overseas people. Immigration Act of 1990 is more commonly utilized. Green Card can be easily acquired from it, however distinctive of workers, inventors and financers can go on these type of visas. Permanent residence is given after 5 years. Some of other workers who go H1-B Visa and F1 Student Visa also stay for period of time in United States.

United Kingdom Immigration Laws

United Kingdom was the first country in the world which attracted many people. Citizens were already living in the British territories. Law was formed in 1971 called Immigration Act 1971. There is currently points based system in United Kingdom. Different classes of people are called according to this plan. Indefinite Leave to Remain is issued after 5 years of continuous residence. Citizenship can be acquired after ILR.  

Canadian Immigration Laws

Canada is regarded as friendly nation for many people. Every year several thousands of Pakistani immigrants have gone there. Some of them reach to Canadian soil on federal skilled immigrant program and plant more flags on Canadian land. Read more about the topic of Flag Theory here. Immigration of Canada is faster and called Express Entry. Points based and normal immigrations are available.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another destination for people across the world. Immigration programs of New Zealand are similar to that of United Kingdom and Canada. There is points based system available. Permanent residency is obtained and citizenship can be gained while living for a period of maximum 5 years. Immigration Act was made in 2010.


The above mentioned countries have passed special laws for captivating migrants across the globe. Read more about interesting and informative topics in the News and Events section

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