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What is Naturalization and How to Get Citizenship Through It

What is Naturalization

Naturalization is a newer topic for the people of Pakistan who are interested in migration to different countries. Naturalization is actually time period in which foreigners settle in any other country and acquire citizenship. Naturalization laws were made from 19th Century onwards. Many people immigrated to other lands due to World Wars. Terrorism has also emerged as multinational issue in the 21st Century in the underdeveloped. It is secondary factor for the movement of the people. Economic conditions in Pakistan has forced many citizens to live permanently in the other nations of the world. Other factors are also required for citizenship like good moral character and exceptional living conditions in the overseas territories. Different countries have established naturalization laws for granting access of citizenship to the people.

We are now going to read about the naturalization laws of the major countries of the world.   

Naturalization Laws in Major Countries


People Republic of China is one of the favorite nation for the outsiders. It has appeared as the most prosperous country of the world in the 21st Century. Dreaming of becoming global superpower, China is the largest manufacturer of goods all over the world.

Naturalization in China can be acquired while living there for at least five years. Immediate relatives of Chinese citizens are given nationality instantly. There are also some basic citizenship requirements like paying taxes, not committing crimes and etc. There are more than 65,000 Pakistanis living in China currently.


Russia is an influential country of the world. It is largest in terms of area. Defense of Russia is extremely strong. Many people in the world want to reach Russia cities and become naturalized citizens there. Naturalization can be achieved through Citizenship Act of 2002. Five years of living is a necessary requirement. The applicant must demonstrate excellent conduct for the state. He is earning through lawful means and is fluent in the Russian language. Pakistani professionals and businesspeople have gone there. There are only 2500+ Pakistanis there.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a popular country for the settlers. It was global power in the 20th Century. People from all over the world have arrived and naturalized as British citizens. Laws of UK are different from other countries. Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) is issued first and then citizenship can be achieved through naturalization. Two essential requirements are five years of residence and status of ILR for at least one year. Proficiency in the English language is requisite for the civil rights. Checkout Immigration Guide to United Kingdom for having more knowledge.  

United States

United States of America is the leading choice of the people from many countries of the world.  Legal residence can be gotten by first having permanent status for living in the US which can be illustrated through Green Card and then citizenship is taken by the candidates. There are different ways for obtaining green card. Citizenship is provided by test and interview.


Different nations have distinctive categories of naturalization processes. Read more about Immigration Laws and Their Assessment

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