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Finding Better Living Options, Immigrate to Developed Nations

Foreign Immigration is Required for Exceptional Pleasures
Immigration is act of permanently moving from one country to another. Historically, there were immigrations from Asia to Europe and vice-versa however traveling was extremely difficult. Inventions in the transportation for 19th and 20th Century has eased the process of transmigration. Devastating economic conditions of Pakistanis has captivated them for foreign locations. Better social welfare in the highly developed nations is the major source of their attraction. There are many reasons
Skilled Employment
Numerous countries of the world have skilled migrant programmers for the immigrants which assist them in getting permanent residence and citizenship. 
Many people reach other countries of the world either by marrying or sponsored by relatives. 
Business and Investment:
Chief Executive Officers, General Counselor. Directors and other highest level of professional management employees are given easy immigration programs by other states. Many of the global countries have started immigrant investor programs for bring overseas finance to their countries.
Today, we will see and read about the best countries for immigration.  
Top Countries of World for Immigration
United States of America:
United States of America is the most popular migrant destination around the world. After end of Soviet Union in 1991, it has emerged as the superpower of the world. Society of US is multinational. Citizens from all countries of the world have come and settled here. Leading universities in the world are located there. Biggest companies of the world are of United States like Walmart, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, McKesson, McDonald, Ford, HP, IBM, Google and Facebook are American.  
Norway is a nation located in Europe. It is ranked as the best nation in terms of human development. It has the largest number of welfare programs for the citizens. Norway is also member of European Nation. Citizen of Norway can easily travel across 36 countries in the Schengen Region. This state remains neutral for global politics and interfere less in other’s matters. There are no harsh immigration regulations. Norwegian is the national language however English is frequently spoken. 
Germany is another nation which can be selected for immigration. Social security programs are available for all of people. There is lesser unemployment and higher salaries are given to the professionals. Germany is one of the first nations in the world for making education free. It is a member of international Schengen Area. Germany is a powerful nation.
Australia is an island country located in the south eastern portion of Earth. It was conquered by the Europeans in the 19th Century. Australia gained independence from UK in 1901. Life in Australia is deeply influenced by British people. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. Weather there is extremely pleasant. Starting New Year with summer in January and getting winter in July. There are many skilled immigration programs also available. There are lesser rate of crimes. Cricket and Football is most popular in Australia. 
Canada is a blessed country for the immigrants. Getting permanent residence is easy. Social security programs of Canada rank extremely high. Immigration reforms are carried out for every category of person like businessmen, investors, students, skilled professionals and others. There are thousands of immigrants living in Canada. 
Singapore is an international city state in Asia. Economy of this state is one of the largest in Asia. There are many Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Pakistani and other kind of European living there. It is also another calm nation with having less terrorism issues. Immigration laws have been made by Government of Singapore. 
We conclude that above mentioned countries are the best for foreign immigrants.

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