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5 Things You Must Clear before Applying Australian permanent Residence (PR)


5 Things You Must Clear before Applying Australian permanent Residence (PR)

Australia is one of the most beautiful and favorite destinations around the world. It is the secret wish of the people tom get Australian Permanent residence. And in this case the Pakistanis are not exceptional. Australia offers different kinds of visa categories for the foreigners and Australian permanent residence PR visa is one of these categories. It is seen that there are every year a large number of application for permanent residence visa Australia receives throughout the world. A well-defined Australian Immigration system Australia offers to the interested people who want to move towards Australia. There are some developed countries exist around the world the citizens of which are not asked for visa and they can get citizenship and PR easily. But, in case of Pakistan, Pakistani nationals are asked to apply for permanent residence Visa. And here in this article the basic 5 things are described that are necessary to get permanent residence in Australia. So, you must keep these 5 points into your mind before applying for Australian Permanent Residence (PR).   


Age is one the main and important factor for applying the Australian Permanent Residence. There are different categories of visas are offered by Australia. And there are different requirements and eligibility criteria is required for different categories. For the category of Australian Permanent Residence PR Visa the aspirants must below than 45 years. There is a point based system comes to see according to which the applicants who are in between the age of 25-32 years can get maximum points i.e. 30 points. The applicants with more age than 32 will face a decrement in the points system.


Applicants who are going to apply for Permanent residence Visa must have at least one Skilled Occupation that are listed by the immigration. Here is a complete detail about the Skilled Occupation by Australia. Before applying the visa the candidates must see this list and make it sure that you are eligible to apply for the selected skilled occupation and then apply. In case you are not eligible your application, unfortunately, will be rejected by the authority.


For applying the Australian Permanent Residence Visa the applicants are to be informed that English Language Proficiency is must require to meet with the basic requirements of Australian PR. Applicants who are going to apply for PR must show at least 6.0 bands in IELTS. Moreover, 7.0 bands will give you the better points.

Expression of Interest EOI and Points System

All those applicants who are going to apply for Australian PR as skilled person are to be asked to show their “Expressions of Interest” (EOI). Further detail regarding “Expression of Interstate” please visit Australian Immigration Guides. But, make it sure that EOI is the basic requirement without which the application will not be entertain.   

Health and Character Certification

Applicants are also asked to show the sound health and good character certificates. For this purpose applicants will submit a medical certificate and a character certificate i.e. PCC.

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