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Why Foreigners Prefer Germany for Immigration

Germany is one of the foremost countries for immigration and permanent residence. After two major wars in history, Government has started lot of welfare programs for the citizens and those who have long term visas.


Germany is one of the favorite country for Pakistani people. More than 60, 000 have successfully immigrated there. Let’s study some of the top reasons for emigration.

Easily Gain Work Experience and Unemployment Benefits

Welfare System of Germany is one of the exceptional in the world. There are many multinational companies which have headquarters. Volkswagen, Dalmler, E-On, Allianz are some of largest corporations in the world. Those people who do not have any job are given allowances. It is around 2900+ euros. The professionals who have loss employment can get another job or get training for a specific field.

Better Health Care

Government of Germany has developed better healthcare system for the whole of public. There are two categories of insurance. First is provided by the Government and other is private. Everyone can get free medical treatment. It is the responsibility of the state to provide medical services to anyone. There are also other benefits like payment for accidents, child support and social caring programs.

Free Education

Education in Germany is completely funded by the government. It was the first country to provide free education to national and international students. There are also other countries who have started such programs. Students overall have better experience as they offered many advantages while learning from the German universities.

Superior Life After Retirement

Life is really awesome after retirement and at the older ages. There are three types of pensions available i.e. State Owned, Volunteer Basis and Private. Retirement age is also regulated by the government. Wellbeing of the elder people is of superior nature.  There are also caring centers established for them.  


Germany has a comprehensive welfare system which many of the countries in the world are lacking. Read gudie for Immigrating there is extremely easily.

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