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Nordic European Countries Are Best for Living

Introduction of Nordic Countries

Nordic Countries are best for immigration and are of the most happy countries in the world. Nordic is a new term for the readers.  It is the union of countries located in the northern most portion of Europe. Another famous name of this area is Scandinavia.  Nations included in this list are Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Aland Islands.

Trends for relocation and change for better accommodation is constantly changing.

Let’s now study why 99% of the global population prefer them for migration.  

Welfare in Nordic Countries

Nordic Countries have developed extremely huge welfare model for their public. Basic rights of the citizens are provided by the states and free of cost like health, education, security and etc. Living standards are exceedingly high in them. Their governments have taken extraordinary factor for eliminating poverty and unemployment. Doing business is easy and is also legalized, wealthier does not get more richer and vice versa. Corruption in them is at the lowest level in the world.

Immigration and Trends

Some of the countries in the world are more tightening laws like United States of States for preventing foreigners from coming and settled. Read more about the latest developments in the Future of US Immigration.


More people have immigrated for the Nordic countries. English is the major foreign language in them. There are 40,000 Pakistanis in Norway, 23,000 in Denmark and 13, 000 in Sweden. Most of them are skilled workers and others have come on the basis of family reunification. Some businesspeople and investors have gone there. Nordic countries are the most famous among the people of Pakistan because of prosperity there.

Safety and More Political Freedom

Socio-economic issues are less prevailing in the Nordic countries. Freedom and respect is provided to everyone. Employees and laborers have their rights. Every act of the society is according to the law. Citizens enjoy their life and are safer and become helpful members of the society. Political people know their obligations and all of them engage in positive activities. Terrorist incidents have also occurred less there while compared with other countries of Europe like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium etc.


Happier Life

Interesting fact for the readers is that United Nations has also published rankings of the happiest countries in the world which is called World Happiness Report. Denmark is on the top of the list followed by Iceland on number three, Norway on 4 and Finland is on the fifth place.

Learn Different Languages There

Every Nordic country has its own language like Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Swedish. These are a group of German languages. You can study many more there. French and Spanish can be easily learnt there.    


Nordic countries are the leading countries for immigration and settlement throughout the world. Check latest articles and blogs for having latest on these kind of topics.


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