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Why Everyone Is Talking About Do You Want To Immigrate To Japan? Have Excellent Kind Of Experience With Different Japanese Visas

Japan is a country located in the south eastern portion of Asia. It is the fourth most powerful country of the world in terms of economy. All of the progression have started after defeat of the nation by United States of America in 1945. Today, it is the biggest exporter of consumer electronics in the world. Inventions are being continuously done by the scientists and engineers. There is huge automobile manufacturing industry in Japan also. These brands are dominating the world.

All of the excellent living conditions in Japan has captivated many foreigners. They have emigrated there from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Many have acquired citizenship and living there happily.

Like American visas, there are multiple categories of Japanese permits available for the foreigners.

Checkout below in the video that why Japan is Primary Attraction for Many Immigrants?

Are You Eligible for Going to Japan?

Lets’ have a look on all of the visa types of Japan. 

What For the Professionals?

Japan attracts many of the professionals from all over the world. Lot of people better working conditions for the employment. Rights of the workers are safeguarded according to the Japanese law. Labor Standards Acts was passed by the government in 1947.

High Specialized Persons?

Visa for the Experts

First type of professionals are the highest priority workers. Their visas require specialized education and extensive amount of professional experience. Following ones can in the specialist type of employees.


Multiple type of Engineers relating to different occupations can reach to Japan on the expert visa. Their jobs require Bachelors or Masters degree of education or at least 10 years of professional experience. Scientists also come in the expert classification. There is huge scope of jobs for these people. Staff relating to the applied science is required at the governmental and private sectors organizations. Many of them want continuous knowledge. Some of these veterans reach Europe for having Blue Card.

Experts of Humanities Related Fields:

Experts of humanities can also acquire this kind of visa. Requirements are the same i.e. having advanced educational degree and 10 years of experience in any of the humanities related fields like anthropology, classics, history, geography, linguistics, law, politics, literature, performing arts, philosophy, religion and visual arts.

International Service Orientated Workers:

Many of the employees are deployed in the international service sectors like doing translation, teaching foreign language, workers relating to the multinational public relations, fashion designing, interior designing and some special category of marketers relating to the public relations.

Their visa require university degree and at least 3 years of experience for getting immigrated.

View video about the new highly skilled professional visa for Japan!

Employees of Japanese Companies in Foreign Companies

Second type of people who can settle in Japan are the employees of Japanese countries working in the foreign offices. This visa can be very good for the overseas workers.  

They must have worked for at least one year before relocating to Japan.

Watch Visa Requirements for Intra-Company Transfers

Semi But Skilled Labor (Specific Categories)

There are also other professionals who can settle in Japan. They come in the semi-skilled. There are different kind of the workers who go on this category of visa. 3 years’ experience is required for getting permit. Some of them are:

Cooking Masters:

Expert chefs can easily immigrate to the islands. There is huge scope of work for them. Japanese Cuisine is of mixed and multicultural nature. Fish and seafood are popular there. Meals consists of many dishes.

Meanwhile, view how these chefs prepare the meals.

Metallurgy Masters

People who are working in the field of metallurgy are also wanted in Japan. Mining and other natural resources are preserved by the state government there. Energy production methods are being constantly renovated by different scientists and engineers. They have done many inventions. Nuclear power generation is extremely popular in Japan.

Checkout how the swords of Japanese samurai are being made?

Animal Trainers:

Animal Trainers are experts of their field. They are wanted in different countries of the world. Many animals are tamed by them. They also take care of pets. Wild beasts are brought up by those instructors. They have undergone extensive trainings. Some of them have a passion for taking care of the animals.

Lookout how dogs are trained in a class?

Entrepreneurs in Japan:

Entrepreneurs can permanently settle in Japan. It is one of the best countries for the business owners. They can establishing different kind of corporations. There are lot of information technology centers there in Japan. Tsukuba Science City is the most popular one there. 5 million yen investment is required.  

Watch conference of entrepreneurs in Japan.

Investors in Japan:

Investors can easily immigrate in Japan. They can finance capital in different companies. There are many multinational firms headquarter there in Japan. These monetary sponsors are some of the lucky personalities are easily given citizenship by the method of naturalization.             

Investors need to have 5 million in any business. They should also have 10 million yen for sales revenue and additional 5 million for safeguarding of the startup.

Check out How to be a CEO in Japan"Investor/Business Manager" Visa


Permanent Residence on Basis of Points

Government of Japan has introduced permanent residency on the basis of points it is a newer kind of migration which is now available for everyone. This initiative was taken by the federal administration in 2012. Many countries are using points based immigration systems.  It is targeted for bringing different kind of staff from other countries. There are some conditions for obtaining this type of visa. Applicants have to score at least 70 points for immigrating there for a period of lifetime:

Valid Visa for 5 Years:

Candidates applying for the points based are provided with visa which is of 5 years. It is one of the long term permits of Japan. Professionals have huge amount of time for applying for the jobs and engaging in any kind of other activities hence foreign workers can comfortably do their tasks. They do not have any fear or stress. There are many types of Jobs in Japan available for the overseas workers and the skillful staff can earn lot more than the average ones.  

Multiple Category of Activities Allowed:

Visa holders can do multiple activities. If the workers go only on the employment visa.  They can only do professional work there. They cannot study, cast a vote, and run a political party but the skilled professionals can engage in many endeavors. Their governmental operations are limited however their private life is not interrupted.

This permit provides confidence to the foreign workers who can complete their tasks easily and they perform different well.

Owners can Bring Family:

Owners can sponsor their families. Immediate relatives of Japanese permanents residents could reach there. Many categories of people are included in it like:

1.       Spouses of PR Holders

2.       Children of PR Holders

3.       Parents of PR Holders

The supporting one has to be financially stable. His income should be more than the earnings. Family members enjoy lot of benefits which are available for the Japanese citizens.

Grant of Nationality after 5 Years of Continuous Stay:

The marvelous aspect of getting this pass is that citizenship is granted after living in Japan for 5 years. Professionals earn lot of international experience by working in the multinational firms. They know how to interact with people whose cultures are different. Nationality can also be acquired in other countries.

Candidate can Bring More Foreign Workers

More and more employees can be backed from the points based immigration system. It is a process of acquiring more foreign talent. Visa proprietors become residents in the long term. Many of them start their own business and become entrepreneurs for a prolonged period of time.

Points Based Immigration System is More Comfortable Then Others:

Points Based Immigration System is more swift and effortless than others visa. Status of the applicants is already clear.

Visa holders have to do lot of efforts for getting nationality and citizenship there.

Checkout some requirements for points based immigration systems.


Particular Professionals:

There are some particular category of professions who could easily get Japanese visas. I have made list of them.

Ambassadors and Other Staff Relating to Foreign Ministry Staff:

Ambassadors are the representatives of foreign countries. They are recruited by state governments. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a full fledge department in many countries. There are many officials working in this organization. All of them can reach to Japan on the diplomatic visa. They have to do various type of works there like conducting meetings, attending national and international conferences. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan receives such category of applications for approval and issues the diplomatic visa.   

Have a look that how United States Ambassadors works in Japan.     


Professors can work in Japan. They are wanted in different kind of organizations like universities, colleges, schools, institutions related with research, governmental agencies and others etc. Their visa demands higher educational qualifications and years of relevant experience. They must have done at least Master of Philosophy or Doctorate in Philosophy.

Watch how Japanese Math Professor Excellent is an optical Illusionist.

Translators and Interpreters

Translators and interpreters are also wanted in Japan. National language of Japan is not one of the major international languages. English is also present however influence of Japanese is more than it. These professionals relating to the linguistic can work anywhere. They can teach English to different students.

Look how English is taught in Japan?


Entertainers are assigned artist visa in Japan. Multiple category of workers relating to the different fields of arts can reach there on this type of visa. They might be painters, actors, singers, musician, sculptor, photographer and others. Many of the guys and girls are going to watch Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai in the leading cinemas with foreign visas this year.

Checkout how Living in Japan as a musician with Artist Visa

Religious Personnel in Japan

Religious workers are also issued Japanese visas for the basis of preaching. Some of those who have achieved international fame are easily provided with the visas.


Journalists are also granted on the basis of their profession. There method of getting this visa is:

Sponsored by Any Japanese Media Agency

Freelancer Journalists can be sponsored by national and international media in Japan. Many multinational media corporations are present there. Multiple workers come in this category which could be reporters, editors, columnists, and videographers. Their jobs are different.

Checkout English for Journalists!

Lawyers and Bookkeepers

Lawyers and Accountants can also get work visa however they must have international experiences. Lawyers should be licensed. Accountants should have significant professional skills. Most of them have done ACCA or CA and worked in significant firms. Many of the international firms are operating in Japan hence this country can be extremely commercial for the legal consultants.

View some of the English attorneys in Japan.

Medical Professionals

Medical and Dental Professionals can easily work in Japan. They should be specialist in their fields. Some of those who are trained in Japanese universities and colleges are provided with the visas in a swift manner.

Check how patient goes to the doctor/hospital in Japan

Research Workers in Japan

Research workers are needed in Japan. Research is being managed by different institutions there. Some of them are run by the state while others are non-governmental organizations. They are owned by single business entity or a group of board of directors.  See some of the research jobs in Japan here.

View how research is being conducted by Japanese staff?


Many non-professional people can also immigrate to Japan.

Now, we will check out how are they?


Non Employment Based Visa


Students are issued educational permits of Japan. It is one of the excellent place for completing study. International category of schooling is offered in Japan. Top Universities in Japan are ranked as the best ones in the world. It is a long term visa of Japan. There are three type of conditions required study permit of Japan.

Acceptance Letter from Japanese Institutions

Acceptance Letter is very essential for getting the visa. It is issued to the students after their university, college or school. Different educational institutions have different requirements. Some of them want higher marks of international tests. Learn how to prepare for the multinational English tests.

Financial Stability of Students

International students should have lot of money for financing their studies in Japan. This can be demonstrated in the form of bank statement on sponsorship from the Japanese relatives.

Supporting Education With Help of Scholarships and Fellowships

Education can also be backed with the help of different scholarships and fellowships and check them here.     

Watch Studying and Working in Japan | Student Visa and Work Permit


Training visa is granted to the foreigners who wish to undergo professional learning in Japan. It is for the professionals and the students. It can be very good visa for everyone. Expertise are being obtained by taking part in the training.

See how the trainees work in Japan.


Internship is also granted to the foreigners who wish to pursue internships in Japan. Trainees can also get this visa. It can be best options for the individuals who are professionals, students and apprentices. There are various sort of industries present and many of them are well established. Automotive industry of Japan is one of the largest in the world. All of the companies are multinational. Japan is also biggest exporter of consumer electronics. It has surpassed other countries in terms of production.

Check the following video relating to the questions and answers about internships in Japan

Exchange Visitors

Exchange Visitors are also issued Japanese visa. They are a category of internees and trainees. Many kinds of professionals and students are included in it however there is one condition to be noted that they do not earn. Many of the international students and apprentices go to Japan on this visa.

Checkout how international students in Japan send their day.

Family Visas

Family Visas are the common type of visas which are granted to the immediate relatives of Japanese citizens and permanent residents. They are most easy to take visas. These applicants get the citizenship in a comfortable manner then other people of abroad. Their status is already clear. They are free for many activities but not politics until having citizenship.  There are further two types of candidates which fall in this category.

Life Partners of Japanese Nationals

Japanese Marriage Visa (Spouse Visa)

Japanese citizens or permanent residence holders can sponsor their spouses (husbands or wives) for immigration. There is only condition for them. They have to stay for five years for getting the nationality and cannot stay in more than one country for one year.

Japanese Marriage Visa

Children of Japanese Nationals:

Children of Japanese nationals can also be backed for the following family. Most of the kids are younger than others. Elder children cannot be financed from this scheme.

View how anyone can migrate to Japan with whole of family.


These are some of the best visas for Japan. Read about more immigration topics in the News and Events Section.




































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