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United States of America is the most powerful country.  It has multicultural society. Many people from other countries of the world have immigrated there. It is a country with lot of visas available for the foreigners. Many of them have become naturalized citizens of the United States of America. Working class from every country is deeply interested in getting permanent residency there. Government of United States has made it easy for every professional to reach American lands and cities.

There are many reasons for coming to United States. Employment and business are the primary factors. Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area is a global heaven for information technology companies. Many of the international social media networking sites are located there like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and others etc. Notable universities are and colleges are present there.

Similarly, Los Angeles City is a paradise for the professionals relating to the arts and entertainment is located there. Biggest film industry of the world Hollywood is there. Numerous motion picture and video production companeis are located there.

New York City is the largest economic city of the world. All of the multinationals have their headquarters like Verizon, J. P. Morgan Chase & Company, Citigroup, IBM, MetLife, PepsicoCompany, American International Group, American Express, Twentieth Century Fox, Time Warner and etc.

Checkout life in the United States of America below:

Now, we will look for different type of American visas for different overseas people.

Working Options for Foreign Workers

H1-B Visa:

H1-B Visa is the most popular for working professionals. It is granted for the period of three years. Foreign worker can live in the United States of America for maximum six years. Companies have options for sponsoring Green Card of their employees. Thousands of candidates apply for this category of visa on the behalf of their visas. H1-B is famous internationally. There is a fierce competition for getting H1-B. Dependents of H1-B can also be sponsored on this type of visa. That permit is called H4 Visa. There are three types of H-B Visas.

H1-B (Specialty Occupation)

H1-B is issued to the highly specialized professions. They are of multiple categories. List of Occupations can be checked from here. There are two types of requirements for getting the visa.

Qualifying Options:


Many of the employers require a bachelor’s degree. Post-graduation qualification pay rewards for many of the workers. Specific diplomas also works for getting the visa. Educational expertise of the employees are tested for giving the visas.


Professional expertise are always wanted for having the visa. Extensive amount of experience is necessary. Distinguished kind of experience is wanted for getting foreign American job.  Every year are lot of the candidate apply for the visa of jobs.  90% percent of candidates are also successful in getting the permit. It is a very better option for the professionals. International experience by working in the news United States of America.

View the video for Basic Requirements for H1-B

H1-B2 (Researcher and Development Project Worker):

H1-B2 is granted to the overseas workers. It is a research type of visa. Different governmental organizations need information and knowledge gathering. Some of these visas approved by the state. Some of the requirements for H1-B2 are same like that of H1-B. Experimentation is also systematized by private establishments. There is enormous of scope of this travel document.


Higher Education is required to get the visas. Post-graduation level candidates are preferred. Specific certificates also do the job for obtaining the permit. Expert staff is provided with the visas. Advanced understanding of specific field is desired.


Qualified skills are permanently required for taking the visa. Widespread volume of talent is also compulsory. Eminent type of capability is needed for receiving overseas occupation offers. Countless type of applicants submit their documents for the employment. Many of the foreign employees are given visas. Many specialists are also prosperous in attaining the permit. It is a much enhanced choice for the consultants, advisors, mentors, counsellors and mavens etc. Global understanding is obtained by working in the American lands.

Check out the following video getting updates about H1-B visa categories.

H1-B3 (Fashion Model)

Fashion models are lucky to have a visa for all. Their visa category is separate. United States of America is an outstanding option for all the models. Many international celebrities are working there. Fashion industry of America is well known in the world. Notable models include Heather Bratton, Angelica Bridges, Hannah Bronfman, Hillary Brooke, Phyllis Brooks, Tess Broussard, Jenn Brown, Julia Bruns, Joy,Bryant, Monica Buck, Sibyl Buck, Bebe Buell, Gerald Anderson, Austin Armacost, Steve Bond, Clint Catalyst, Jimmy Clabots, Francesco Cura, Tyrone Edmond, Michael Edwards (actor), David Fumero, Leif Garrett, John Gidding and Scott Gurney etc.


Higher Schooling is compulsory to get the permits. Post-graduation level applicants are chosen. Exact diplomas also work order for obtaining the permit and the job. Proficient staff is delivered with the visas. Innovative knowledge of specific field is looked-for.


Competent skills are always essential for captivating the visa. Extensive capacity of abilities is also necessary. Prominent type of expertise are wanted for acceptance of foreign employment agreements. Numerous sort of hopefuls accede their official papers for the occupations. Limitless of the distant workers are specified visas. Many specialists are also affluent in attaining the permit. It is an abundant superb high-quality choice for the artisans, painters, performers, actors, musicians, artificers, craftsmen, experts, sculptors, composers, singers, singers and architects etc. Comprehensive experience is gained by being salaried in the American lands.

Check out the top 5 Tips for Getting a US Visa in the following video.

F-1 Optional Practical Training

Students are lucky to get working visa after completion of your studies. They can get lot of professional experience working by in different American companies.  It is an excellent choice to start a career.  Students from many of the countries go to the United States of America for the purpose of study and completing their education abroad.  It can be obtained within the education and after completion of it. It is of two types. First is related with STEM degree and vice versa.


Foreign enrollment of the students is required for obtaining this permit.  Work can be only performed in major subject. It is an important requirement of the visa.  Many of the students gain practical training through this.  It is useful for working in the United States of America.  Every international student try to obtain this permit. Option of getting the visa is choice of the students.  It can be used utilized to remain in America after finishing the studies.

Readers just check out the requirement optional practical training visa below.

O Extraordinary Ability:

O visa is used for the individuals who have highly specialized abilities and expertise.  This must be demonstrated before for the American embassy.  There are many conditions for getting this particular visa. Only some of the professionals are granted this visa in the world who have reached at an exceptional position in their field.  There are also three types of visas provided to the specialized professionals. It may be granted to the scientists and the artists who have received international recognition and worldwide popularity. They do not need to have a labor certification because after a specific talent work but sponsorship from the employer. Now we will see about the criteria required for getting this special type of visa.


Who is granted This visa?

It is issued to the every kind of dominant expert in many notable fields could be relating to business, sciences and athletics.  Professional relating to arts and entertainment are not granted this first O1-A.  Receivers of the permit might be national Prize winners, Nobel Prize winners and sports people who have received International honors.


There are many conditions for getting the visa but the candidate must prove three of the following one which are the following:

·         Receiving the national or International prize or award.

·         Representation of the individual in any of the multinational association or organizations.

·         Praise of the candidate's work in the national and international media and other broadcasting corporations about his or her achievements for the relating field.

·         Published work of the professional in any National on multinational media which related to his or her particular profession.

·         Highest possible salary of the employee due to his work all the services provided by him or her.

·         Judging the work of others because of the highly specialized skills which the candidate have.  It must be on the most notable level of work or the profession.

·         Published work of the professional in any National on multinational media which related to his or her particular profession.

·         Highest possible salary of the employee due to his work all the services provided by him or her.

·         Judging the work of others because of the highly specialized skills which the candidate have.  It must be on the most notable level of work or the profession.

·         The applicant must be employed in the in any of the international organization which is extremely famous because of their work or the services they are providing to their clients and customers.

Readers check out the video for having information about the description of extraordinary ability which is required to get O-Visa.


Who is granted the visa?

O-1B is reserved for the people who are the fields of arts and entertainment.  They must have International and worldwide fame and recognition due to their work they have done in their field.  They could be actors, musicians, directors, producers, writers, singers composers, musicians, photographers, videographers, Production accountant, location manager, production designer, art director, Illustrator, graphic artist, set decorator, construction coordinator, costume designer, key make-up artist, special effects supervisor, stunts coordinator, post-production supervisor, visual effects producer, visual effects creative director and music administrators etc.


There are numerous circumstances for receiving the permit but the applicant must prove three of the following one which are the following:

·         Getting the nationwide or Global prize or award in motion picture or television industry.

·         Membership of the candidate in any of the multinational union or societies which are relating to the arts and entertainment industry.  

·         Recommendation of the nominee's work in the domestic and global media and other broadcasting corporations about his or her accomplishments for the involving field.

·         Circulated work of the expert in any state on multinational media which is associated to his or her exact occupation.

·         Maximum profitable income of the worker due to his labor or the facilities provided by him or her like the immense highest earning of the actors or the singers.

·         Umpiring the effort of others because of their exceedingly expert skills which the applicants have.  It must be on the most distinguished stage of work or the profession. Many of the celebrities participate in the reality musical and talented shows for this purpose.

·         Broadcasted work of the celebs in any national on multinational mass media. Work of the personalities is published in the form of columns, editorials and etc.  Many of them do the shows on the electronic and digital media.

·         Highest possible salary of the employee due to his work all the services provided by him or her.

·         Judging the work of others because of the highly specialized skills which the candidate have.  It must be on the most notable level of work or the profession. Work of the personalities is published in the form of columns, editorials and etc.  Many of them do the shows on the electronic and digital media.

·         The applicant must be working in the in any of the international company which is tremendously prominent because of their project or the facilities they are providing to their clients and customers like the international film companies or other broadcasting corporations.

View this video for having more knowledge about O-1B Visa.


Who is granted the visa and Requirements?

O2 Visa is provided to the assistants who are principal component of O visa holders. They are an integral part of the are highly skilled professionals come to United States of America what is the purpose of seeking employment and earning a lot of money because of their advanced knowledge and experience they have gained previously by working in their home country.

Subordinates of the qualified workers should have a many years of working experience with their bosses. It is the better option for them to have some educational qualifications as well.  Chances for getting the visa becomes very easy and comfortable for these workers.

An O2 nonimmigrant worker, the recipient might be acknowledged to the United States for the legitimacy period of the request, plus a time period of up to 10 days earlier the expiry period begins and 10 days after the interval ends.  The receiver may only involve in lawful occupation during this validity period of the petition.

See the following video for having more information about O2 Visa.

I Media Visa

It is usually accepted for the representatives of Global and worldwide media.  Different Categories of the professionals and staff members are included in this type of mass media visa.  They could be from the print, electronic digital and motion pictures mediums. It is granted for the period of 1 year and extensions are usually possible after having the visa. Professions under this group consist of journalists, film crews, executive editors, and similar employees. Family of the I-Visa Holders who are under 21 might go together with them on this type of the permit. International Day of Happiness is celebrated there by the journalists.


Applicants must prove that:

·         They are the prominent delegates of overseas media whose actions are vital to the purposes of their business. The consular general at the American embassy will define that an activity of the candidate is succeeding in for getting I-visa.

·         They are reaching United States of America for doing all of the media related activities and jobs.  Essential purpose of obtaining the visa is only this which might qualify for having this specific kind of permit.

·         Their sponsoring organization is a multinational company and have the offices in the country of the applicant and the United States of America.  Many of the digital media channels have the workplaces in the different cities of the world.  Most of the motion picture production companies are now international.  Their headquarters are in the marvelous metropolitan areas of the different developed nations on the Earth.

Check out the video for having interesting knowledge to get an American Visa

L1-B Intra Company Transfer:

The L-1B visa categorization allows a U.S. company to relocate an expert worker with skilled information concerning to the corporate’s goals from its associated foreign offices to the American headquarters.  This sorting also empowers an overseas firm to refer a proficient informational member to the United States for the purpose of work. All capable personnel would be permitted for a maximum first stay of three years. Their desires for expansion of stay may be decided in percentage increase of an extra two years till the worker has gotten the peak boundary of five years.


Applicants must:

·         Have been employed for in a skilled organization abroad for one constant year within the period of three years instantly earlier his or her arrival to the United States.

·         Be looking for providing services in a particular knowledge related capacity to a division of the same company or in one of its must be suitable corporations.

·         Be in search of to arrive the United States to deliver facilities in a dedicated knowledge volume to a division of the same company or one of its qualifying organizations.

See the video about the Intra Company Transferee & L1B Visa.

P Artists Visa

P visa is a category of occupational visas of the United States, approved to foreign sportspersons, performers, and artists.

P-1 Visa

The P-1 ordering applies to those who are coming to the United States of America to perform at distinctive kind of struggle as a sportsperson, independently or as component of a group or players, at internationally documented level of presentation. They can stay for a period of increments 1 year. Maximum period of time is of up to 5 years in order for completing the event, sports or enactment. They are provided with the augmentations of for 1 year with the purpose of continuing or finishing the occasions, competition or performance. Entire visit is restricted to period of 10 years.


Applicants must be approaching the United States to join in specific event, game or show in which they are globally accepted with a greater phase of accomplishment which should be demonstrated by a gradation of expertise and acknowledgement considerably above that normal performers so that the attainment is famous, foremost or thriving recognized in further than one state.

View New York Special Olympics Athletes Parade

P-1B Visa

The P-1B cataloguing applies to artists and entertainers who are coming to the America to perform as an associate of a showbiz team that has been acknowledged worldwide as an exceptional in the field for a constant and considerable amount of time. It is a group visa.


The entertainment group should be globally known, having an extraordinary stage of attainment in an occupation supported through a level of ability and appreciation considerably exceeding that of normal artists. The fame of the team should be essential.

Checkout Akcent Team Performance In New York, 8 Sept. 2012

The P-3 sorting is for the entertainers and artists who are coming to achieve, educate or trainer as performers or artists, separately or as portion of a group, under a package that is socially distinctive.


The candidate should be reaching to the United States either independently or as a team for the objective of evolving, understanding, demonstrating, schooling, or instructing as single or ancient, national, general, ethnic, melodic, dramatic, or creative show or presentation.  Additionally, they are participating in a cultural events which would enhance extra knowledge or growth of art form. The package may be of a profitable or nonprofit nature.

View performance of Salman Khan in New York.

R1 Religious Worker

An R-1 is an overseas citizen wants to be hired as a minister or in an alternative religious vocational or occupation at least part time (average of at least 20 hours per week) by:


To qualify, the distant resident must have been a part of a spiritual group which is a authentic non-profit religious association in the United States for at least two years instantly before requesting for the visa.

Religious Worker Visas: Make Sure You Know What You can and can't do


These are all types of the American visas.  See more articles at News and Events Section.




















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