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Pakistani Migrant Women Driving School Bus in Canada

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A new study suggests that, a Pakistani women find autonomy and more life satisfaction in Canada more than her own homeland, Pakistan.

Authors Michaela Henie and Tahira Jibeen, assistant professor at COMSATS Institute of Technology in Lahore, explain that this freedom has many facets. For some authors, these opportunities are offered in western culture only, which other cultures don’t allow their women.

Fauziac, who had immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2002 with her husband and three children, has been driving a school bus since last year. She is quite satisfied with the results of the report.

She said that things have changed in Pakistan, but I don’t think that still any woman would drive a school bus as conveniently as here. The reason is our culture and society don’t allow women to get a job like this, even air hostess are harassed there in Pakistan, she said.

Fauzia shared her thoughts that she was fond of driving before she got married. She used her interest and passion in her business and started driving a school bus in Canada.


 She said that she can’t even thought of driving a school bus in Pakistan. Even I would have been unable to do this even I require a lot of guts and daring personality to change the norms and values.

It states “the goal of the study was to explore the relationship between family structures and autonomy among married immigrant Pakistani women.”

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