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Muslim Refugees stuck in Greece in the month of Ramadan

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Hundreds of tired travelers to Greek islands line up in front of a trailer in a vast parking lot. They had not eaten anything since 4 a.m. because these Muslim refugees were fasting. Greek government was trying to support the refugees during Ramadan.


A volunteer Hedda Grew says, Fasting during Ramadan is only increasing tension among desperate people. They are sitting in their hot tents without drinking and eating anything and it’s a combination between Ramadan and the waiting.


There was a lady in the camp with four children. Her name means "Hope" in English. She said I have a lot of hope. But now I must be strong, stronger for my family. That people tell me that Ramadan is a very happy time of year, with family, and special food.


The next night I accept an invitation to a very different Iftar meal with Anna Stamou, a Greek woman who converted to Islam, and her husband, Naim el Ghandour, president of the Muslim Association of Greece. Naim was born in Egypt.The refugees are in a terrible situation in Greece.


Later I keep thinking about Amal in her tent back in Piraeus. It’s not easy to feel your dignity slipping away, especially during the holidays. I wish I could bring her cool water and freshly peeled oranges from Aleppo for Ramadan.

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