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These 10 Skills Currently Have Most Demand to Work Abroad



Working in a foreign country is a very constructive step for professionals. It not only earns you a lot more but you also get to experience and compete the global market. If you are planning to work in a foreign country I would encourage it. However, first be specific of the step you are about to take. You must first research and study the market. You should not only research about your destination country but you should also be aware and confident of your value there.

In professional world, your skills define who you are. You should know the demand and level of your skills so there is no misapprehension later. LinkedIn conducted a survey in this regard and shared the top 10 most demanding skills. A successful media group known as Business Insider also agreed to this conclusion. Apparently all of them are from the vast field of Information Technology. I suggest to have knowledge of these skills if possible for you as these are most certain to get you a good position no matter which country you migrate to.


1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

Cloud and Distributed computing allows user to interconnect data and applications from different locations using internet. The experts of this field are currently the most in demand in whole world. This field is the top most required in most developed countries.


2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

I am not going in deep detail so in brief Statistical Analysis and Data Mining includes some statistical work in fields of Information Technology like artificial intelligence, database management, machine learning, data visualization, and pattern recognition. It is the second in the list of skills most in demand globally. It is best skill for job in United States.


3. Web Architecture and Development Framework

Ranked 3rd among skills most in demand by LinkedIn, Web Architecture and Development Framework is also the second most in demand in Brazil. Every month many new development frameworks are being launched which has escalated the demand of this field.


4. Middleware and Integration Software

Middleware and Integration Software is one of the best skills to work abroad as it is ranked 4th globally in skills most in demand and 2nd best skill for job in Canada. As it’s clear from its name, this skill is also IT related. Software engineers who are expert in this field are more likely to be hired if they want to work in a foreign country.


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5. User Interface Design

It is a skills that requires creativity as professionals of this field have to design an interface that is user-friendly. User interface is one of the most important part of Machines and software which has made it one of best skills for job. It is also the second skill most in demand in India, one of the biggest IT hubs in the world. Your creativity decides your earning in this field.


6. Network and Information Security

Since every system and business has now become electronic and connected with each other, it is important to have a good security for the network. Networking experts perform this task that is also a part of Information Technology. It is currently 6th among skills most in demand to work abroad.


7. Mobile Development

In last few years, we have transformed many of our tasks into mobile phones so we can work even while on the go. Everyone now owns a smart phone which has increased the demand of mobile applications with mobile developers. Every day new games and application are being launched for different mobile platforms like Android as it is easy to reach user on mobile. If you are an expert in mobile development than whole world is your market and you are in demand in almost every developed country.


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8. Data Presentation

Data presentation is ranked 8th in the list of skills in most demand by LinkedIn. There are various ways to present information but only a professional knows the best one. In many countries, its demand is more higher than top 8.


9. SEO/SEM Marketing

Television and Newspaper are no longer the only source to reach out to people in their home. Everyone uses internet and that’s where the marketing is headed to. Every website requires Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to reach out to their target market. This is a large industry and this year it is one of the skills most in demand even in Pakistan. 


10. Storage Systems and Management

It is 4th best skill to work abroad in United States and India, and 5th best in Canada and Brazil. It was ranked to be 10th top among skills most in demand by LinkedIn. This is also an IT field which requires the technical management of storage system in networks and devices.

If a skills is most in demand, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also highest paid. These are the skills that have more work and less workers in 2017 causing an increase in demand and probably in pay too. However, the list of highest paid jobs is different which I have also shared below.



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