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Top 10 Countries With Highest Salary Expectation for Pakistani Workers in 2018



Pakistan is a developing country and with its low currency rate, it is not easy to earn high while working here. So the solution found by most Pakistanis is to head abroad. If you move abroad for work, it not only gets you paid many times more than Pakistan but also increases your chances of getting a permanent residency or citizenship. You will get a job in a foreign country when you will start searching for it. It is recommended to first do your research and select a country that you should choose as your destination. Since the main objective of going abroad is to earn more, you should select a country that pays high salaries. So here we are sharing top 10 countries with highest salaries.


10 -   United Kingdom:

Despite its recent strictness on visa policies, United Kingdom is still one of the major destination for immigrants and foreign workers. According to Forbes, it stands at 10th top position in countries with highest salaries. Expected annual income in UK for Business students stands at $38,635 while Engineers can earn more with expected annual income of $40,424. Engineers in UK can earn more than even UAE.


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9 -   United Arab Emirates:

UAE has always been one of top destination for workers particularly from the region of Asia. While labors may get a little tough time here, Educated and skilled employees are respected and paid very high. Business students can earn expected annual income of $39,523 in United Arab Emirate and engineers average expected income is $39,692. Keeping these salaries in view, United Arab Emirates is ranked 9th in countries with highest salaries in the world.


8 -   Australia:

Australia is a large beautiful island that is also a perfect destination for migration. In addition to the peaceful and healthy environment it provides, Australia stands 8th among countries with highest salaries in the world. Expected annual income in Australia for Business students is $41,583 while Engineers can earn more with expected annual income of $43,760.


7 -   Sweden:

Sweden is one of the top tourist destination because of its beauty that also leads many foreigners to permanently reside here. It is not only one of the most peaceful countries in the world but it also offers many work opportunities with high income. Sweden is 7th top in countries with highest salaries. Engineers in Sweden are expected to earn $45,458 annually while business students can earn up to $42,466.


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6 -   Qatar:

Qatar is the richest country in the world with plenty of opportunities for foreigners. It pays 6th highest salaries in the world with annual expected income of $44,483 for business students and $43,918 for engineers.


5 -   Germany:

Germany is one of the best countries in the world to make a living. It has a great higher education system, a great environment to live, a huge market of Europe for business and it is positioned 5th top among countries paying highest salaries in the world. According to Forbes, business students earn around $46,578 and engineers are expected to earn around $49,238 annually.


4 -   Norway:

Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country also one of the most peaceful and attractive tourist destination. Norway has a very low crime rate creating a perfect environment to start a living. It is 4th in countries with highest salaries. Business students earn around $52,036 annually while engineers are expected to earn about $54,350.


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3 -   United States of America:

United States was at top for last few years in the list of countries paying highest salaries in world. It is not that USA now pays less but some countries surpassed it in making employees more happy. United States is 3rd highest paying country for 2018 while engineers are still paid 2nd highest salary here. Engineers expected annual income is $62,948 while business students earn around $52,655.


2 -   Denmark:

Denmark is also a Scandinavian country comprising numerous island. Denmark is also great for migration but it has one of the highest. Germans also have to pay a bigger percentage of income as tax. According to USNews, Danes have to pay around 45 percent of their income as tax if they are annually paid around 43 thousand dollars. At present, Denmark pays 2nd highest salaries in the world with business students earning $57,932 and engineers earning around $61,235 annually.


1 -  Top in Countries with Highest Salary: Switzerland

Everyone knows Switzerland as a must-see country for tourism. Little do they know that Switzerland has progressed far beyond it. We all know it is a beautiful country but in addition its administration has made living easy and peaceful here. It also has one of the strongest higher education system in the world. Moreover, Switzerland is also highest salary paying country in the world. Business student’s expected annual income is $79,435 and engineer’s expected income is $79,243. There is an apparent wide gap of almost $20 thousand between Swiss and Danish salaries.


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