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Pakistanis migrants go on hunger strike on Serbia-Hungary border

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About 150 Pakistani migrants started a hunger strike in the field of Serbia on the border with hungry to demand passage to European Union.


The number of Pakistani migrants who have crossed the border of hungry over the last week was about 300. These people got settled in a field about 100 m (Yards).

Hungry restricted that not more than 30 migrants can cross the border daily in Serbia.

Its government has allowed police to send back the illegal migrants which are found in the 8km of its border with Serbia and stop them entering the hungry.
The migrants on hunger strike, wearing red baseball hats, told Reuters they had travelled by train and on foot to cross the border of hungry.

Some said they are already deported so they should not be badly treated.
They said they would refuse food until Hungary opens the border.

“The food was brought there but nobody was willing to eat it.
One of the representative of migrants said that they will stay there until the border is closed. Migrants were of the view that they will protest peacefully

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