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Get Easy Nationality in These 5 Countries


Which Country is the best to get the nationality easily?

We often hear about quarry about the states; which one is the best to get the nationality easily. By this article, it is intended to guide people about the permanent residence or moving to the country where you can get second passport in a convenient and easy way. Most countries accept legal residents after a certain number of years; however, the conditions to initially obtain, and then retain, permanent residency status widely vary across the countries.

Why would you need to go?

Obviously, it is not an easy and simple task to take another passport; and also, there is no tailored solution for that. You have to look for certain factors while choosing this option. Well, the reason could be that you might want a better life style, a better job or education. Although there are dozens of countries where you would like to shift; but it is not so simple; until you have certain advantages on your current passport.


On the basis of buying and renting, benefits and discounts, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amusement, health care, climate and infrastructure, Ecuador stands the first with the score of 92.7. Following that, Panama, Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Spain are also in the queue as well. The living cost is much cheaper and a person can live a good life here on $700 a month. Getting a permanent residence is also cheaper as compared to other countries; you must have either lived in Ecuador as a legal resident for three years. For that you have to prove having $800/month income, or invest $25k in an Ecuadorian bank, or buying a house or any other property.


Another country in the world to offer trouble free permanent residency status is Panama; a South American Country. Getting a citizenship is simple and easy; you need to submit one simple application, deposit at least $5,000 USD in a local bank account, & an additional sum of $2,000 USD for each dependent, and start your own business or get a job to be a resident. Along with that you have to live in the country for 5 years to fall on eligibility criteria for the citizenship, and spend significant time in the country during the five years.


Malaysia is another emerging economy in the world, which allows you for the part-time employment or a business; but you are eligible for citizenship after 10 years, along with that you must have a proof of $2,800, earning as monthly income. Before the certain period, you may not expect any relaxation in the rule.

Dominic Republic

Another such country Dominica Republic; you can make an investment of $100,000 and have to go through an interview to get citizenship there and then. Since Dominica is a Commonwealth member country, citizens get special civil liberties in UK, and can also travel to 50 countries without a visa, which is another great benefit.


One more affordable option is Nicaragua, which allows you to avail the permanent residency after 1 year in the country but you are only eligible for citizenship after 5 years. Prove income of at least $600/month, plus $100 for every family member is required.

The options provided by various countries are highly attractive; however there is a need of comprehensive research regarding International rules. These rules demonstrate diverse levels of applicability, that's why a wrong move in a foreign country might lead to severe long term issues which are not so easy to be resolved. In such cases expats may lose their investment as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the persons, who are willing to opt these choices, must study implications of the rules, to prevent future problems.


This article is written by Tehseen Nizami and represents analysis by the author. does not guarantee the authenticity of this information. Please check official sources before maing a decision.


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