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Why Most Pakistanis Want to Immigrate

“There is nothing left in Pakistan”, “Foreign countries are better than Pakistan”, “You should go abroad”. These are some of the common phrases you hear from others. Almost everyone in Pakistan wants to leave the country and start a living in some other developed foreign country. Those with the power to leave the country has already left or are preparing to migrate. I read a report on that 48.7% of the youth in Karachi showed the desire to leave Pakistan in a survey. Two million Pakistanis migrated in last three years.

Why is it that everyone in Pakistan doesn’t want to live in Pakistan anymore. Everyone I talk to whether it’s a kid or a grownup thinks that living abroad is way better than living in Pakistan. Why is it that they have more love for a strange land than their own country. Here I have discussed all the reasons, why everyone and most probably you too want to immigrate from Pakistan.

1 -   For Better Education


Here is one of the top reason why youngsters especially students want to leave Pakistan. First reason is to get better education. Education system in Pakistan is not very good after all, of 50 study abroad destinations, Pakistan ranked the worst study abroad destination in the world. Though, student visa only provides a temporary stay still it’s a good way of leaving own country and it also increases chances of getting permanent residency. Students may just go for education but their mind is set to permanently settle there.

2 -   For Better Jobs


Pakistan is a developing country and still struggling on many fields of life. I won’t say that there are no jobs in Pakistan but still there is a lack compared to population of Pakistan. In backward or rural areas there no opportunities or jobs. You will find plenty of work and jobs in cities like Lahore and Karachi but if you move Multan or Chakwal, you will find almost no jobs other than labor. Even in big cities, jobs requirement and reward do not match. You only get enough salary to barely fulfill basic needs. After whole life of education when you get a job of minimal income, how can you be happy with that. In developed countries you get better jobs with promising future and more opportunities. Most private jobs even violate the human and labor rights. That does not happen in developed countries.

3 -   Earn More Money


Everyone wants to earn more and more money, there is no doubt about it. Most foreign currencies are a lot stronger compared to Pakistan’s. For example, a labor earns about 12 thousand rupees monthly by working in Pakistan. If you work in a foreign country like Dubai, same labor earns over 80 thousand rupees monthly. This is just the minimum wage of an Arab country. In English and other European countries, you can earn a lot more than this. Some people even go to foreign country to work for few years, earn a lot of money and then come back to Pakistan to start a business or something.

4 -   Worst Government and Administration


In my view, this is the chief reason why Pakistanis prefer immigrating abroad. If you live in Pakistan, you already how well managed and administered our government and law is. Laws are only for poor and weak in Pakistan. We have the most corrupt government in the world. Every powerful goon and mafia is in government and no educated or civilian can make its way into it. Anyone who opposes it, pays a very big prize as the Police that is supposed to protect us is basically the private goon organization of powerful mafias. Even the judiciary system is the worst. So claimed protector of law, themselves protect the evils in Pakistan. It is a commonly known fact that once your case gets into court, you simply expect next few years to be engaged in court dates just to get the next date.

There are very less opportunities, poverty, illiteracy, meaningless taxes, unemployment and hardly any basic facilities whatsoever. In such conditions if one wants to leave the country, I can’t blame them. As long as you are silent, blind, mute and don’t encounter any mafia; you are safe in Pakistan. Just live in fear otherwise law makers will make sure that you fear.

5 -    Narrow Minded Society


No one would believe that they have a very narrow mind but most Pakistani population is narrow minded. We have spent our whole life in society and we can’t think out of it. Our definition of Good and Bad depends on what society deems Good and Bad. Most Pakistanis are illiterate. Despite the big degrees they hold, they are still illiterate. No one is ready to accept the fact that they can be wrong. Change, different or new is always hated. There is sectarianism and despite their own limited knowledge, people fight over it. Those people who understand this and don’t want to be part of it, what else can they do. They just leave the country to live in a place where people won’t mind what you do, believe, wear or say and people mind their own business.

“A narrow mind and a wide mouth usually go together.”

6  -   They are not Loyal


After all the things said, this may be offensive to someone but if you keep an open mind, you will agree to this. There are many things wrong in Pakistan and you will things better in  foreign countries but we can’t forget the fact that this our Motherland. We don’t like things the way they are then it is our duty to change it because it is our home. It may be tough and even dangerous but it is your home. Leaving it because it needs development would be just selfish.


Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist people selecting the right career path.


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