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Immigrate and Do Gold Business in Singapore

Singapore is one of the influential Asian nations of the 21st Century. It was part of Malaysia in the past. It is actually city state but the national Government has initiated lot of progressive reforms for the economic and financial development which has led to emergence of Singapore as a powerful commercial center around the world. It is also a country which is made of many immigrants. Professionals from China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and etc. Getting visa of this small state is not extremely which has led to immigration of many Pakistanis. More than 4000+ are living there.

Today, we are going about doing gold business in Singapore which can lead to permanent residence and citizenship. Business owners can get EntrePass for starting business there and Investors can live in Singapore permanently under Global Investor Program.


Government Plans to Capture Whole of Gold Market

Government of Singapore wants to capture all of the gold market in the future. Gold is exceedingly essential in making country very dominant in the business. Alongside family immigration, professionals, trainees, students every category of person can come to Singapore on different type of visa. This flexible laws have led to migration of many individual to there. It has developed as easiest offshore center in the world.

More Economic Freedom

Government has relieved some of the taxes like withholding taxes, income tax, and general sale tax to the minimum amount for the foreign financers and corporate owners. Taxes on the gold and silver shops are also being decreased. Check out some other countries for doing business.


Loading and unloading gold at the Changi Airport and going through customs authority is not difficult like in America and other European countries. There can be two ways of doing gold business in Singapore.

1.  Already having gold business anywhere in the world and relocating it to Singapore.

2.  Saving and depositing gold in Singapore. Establishing retail market there.


Gold markets are arising there. Singapore is also one of the safest and peaceful countries in the world. Read more reasons for migration.


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