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What is Blue Card for Immigration and How to Get It

Background and History

Permanent residence of United States of America is issued through a card which is of green color. It has become extremely popular all over the world. European countries are united with each other and Schengen Area. These nations also introduced such card which is called Blue Card. They wanted to capture migrants across the globe. It is extremely useful for the foreigners. Schengen is also different from other regions of the world. No visa is required for many countries. Blue Card should be obtained once. It was the year 2000 when different nations conceived idea of having permanent residence card. Proposals was made in 2007. Full fledge implemented was done in 2011.

Basic objective for the establishment of this card is to attract foreign talent. Highly specialized migrants have traveled to many other countries for economic prosperity like United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.


There are three basic prerequisites for obtaining Blue Card of European Union.

·       Applicant must have foreign citizenship other than that of European countries.

·       Candidates must be professionals like they are working in the European countries of if they are international students. They have completed their academic qualifications from the universities and colleges there. Education of Europe is exceptional one. Top universities of the world are ranking there.

·       Workers should have contract for their job which is a proof that they will be financially stable in Europe by earning. Fresh graduates and post-graduates should also be working somewhere.

These are some of the basic conditions which are required for applying for a Blue Card.

Advantages of Having Blue Card:

Blue Card have many advantages and delights. Some of the best European countries are best for living all over the world especially Nordic ones. Nordic means northern. Nations which are located in the uppermost portion has developed one of the best welfare systems in the world. They are Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Crime is also extremely less. Read more about different countries for immigration.  Some of the excellent advantages which holders of Blue Card.


Card holders can work easily. They are not constrained over their rights at offices and other professional places. They enjoy and love their work. 

Visa Free System

Traveling to other countries is easily accessible. Visa is not required for 30+ country which is like blessing in paradise. It impacts life of anyone in different methods. There are different European countries which have a multicultural society. Different global languages are spoken there. French, Spanish and German are the main global languages.

Enroll For Welfare System:

Candidates which have permanent residence can easily enroll themselves for the welfare system of Europe. Only countries of Europe have such magnificent systems which could be applied by the rest of the world.

Family Reunification

Citizens of European countries can easily call their family members. Immediate relatives of any permanent residence holder can easily their relatives.

Acquiring Citizenship Easily

Applicants can acquire citizenship by living in the European lands. He should live for at least four or five years there.

Freedom of Rights and Live in a Peaceful Environment

There is freedom of rights in the world. Many of the countries are lesser corruption. They are exceptionally peaceful. Many of the states have population control and people help each other.


Blue Card is an efficient scheme for migrating to the countries. It is aimed at the workers overseas, are you an investor wanting to secure your investment in the high developed countries of the world

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