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Scientists from UK, USA and Spain Attended Neuroscienceat Aga Khan University Karachi


The 4 th annual neuroscience conference was held at Aga Khan University on Saturday.The renowned scientists from UK, USA and Spain came together to Aga Khan University Karachi to attend this conference. The conference was about latest developments in brain research.

Recent developments in researches for the diseases of brain, nervous system and mind were discussed. The focus of conference was also directed towards expansion of brain research field in Pakistan.Also in attendance were scholars and professors from various national and international Universities. The important concentration was to discuss progress in therapies for Brain diseases, effective methods to diagnose impending neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders and possible ways to prevent and cure neuro tumors and brain injuries.

Professor Ather Enam, chair of the Department of Surgery at the AKU, started the conference with his speech, he said, “For a subject as important as neuroscience, there is a significant lack of interest in Pakistan. The Annual Neuroscience Conference is the only conference in Pakistan that brings the basic neuroscientists together.”

The conference was organized by Pakistan Society of Basic and Applied Neuroscience, the Advanced Educational Institute and Research Center, International consortium of over 200 leading scientists and The Science Bridge.

The conference also forthgo a two day short course to give introduction neuroscience to students. The short course was ” Essentials of Neuroscience”.

According to a report of World Health Organization and Ministry of Health Pakistan, there were 3729 mental health facilities available in Pakistan and only 1% of which were providing health facilities to children adolescents. From total number of mental health patients in Pakistan, 69% were females and 46% were children and adolescents.

Five mental hospitals and (624) Community-based psychiatric units in Pakistan were counted in 2008.This report concluded that though the country has a proper mental health care plan but it is not implemented. The mental health care is present in major cities only and there are not enough facilities for children. Proper medications are available in mental hospitals but not in private sector. Mental hospitals lack beds and medical equipments. Community service is very limited in this field.

In western countries, mental health is taken very seriously. Regular checkups, psychiatrist consultancy, medicines, rehabilitation centers and mental health care units are available to all public. Many Pakistani students attend international medical colleges and Universities for specialization in neurology.

Neurology Studies Departments in Pakistani Universities

Here is the list Pakistani Medical Universities of Pakistan offering BS, MS and doctorate in neurology studies:

  1. King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital
  2. Isra University/hospital
  3. Zia-ud-din Medical University
  4. Liquate University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS)
  5. Aga Khan University Hospital (AKU)
  6. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims
  7. Dow University Of Health Sciences
  8. Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences
  9. Shaheed Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto Medical College
  10. Abbasi Shaheed Hospital
  11. Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre/hospital
  12. Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute / Hospital
  13. Postgraduate Medical Institute Leady Reading Hospital
  14. Military Hospital
  15. Liaquat National Postgraduate Medical Center

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