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Ten counties that offer immigration on investment basis


The immigration policy of every country is designed on the basis of foreign relations, strategic intentions and economical interests. For the purpose of inviting foreign investors to help stabilize economy and for development, several countries have introduced policies which allow foreigners to have immigration visa on the condition of investing on land, business or governmental bonds. The phenomenon of investor immigration visa is a well known and practiced exercise for businessmen and investors. Spending money in fields of potential growth in foreign countries is a long term investment and for those individuals willing to do so, we assembled a list of ten counties that offer immigration on investment basis:


Cyprus is offering immigration visa and citizenship on the condition of investing €2,000,000 euro on real estate. Cyprus s offering fastest citizenship among all European countries, a Cypriot Passport will be issued within 2 or 3 months.

Cyprus permanent residency program is cheaper than citizenship, if an individual invests €300,000 Euros on real estate, he/she will be eligible for this programs but he will not be allowed to freely move in other Schengen countries.


The ‘GOLDEN VISA’ program is offering a European residency permit upon investing an amount of €350,000 euro on real estate or capital investment. Citizenship will be allowed after 6 years.


On investing an amount of €350,000 Euro on a company, business or real estate, a candidate will be granted Belgium Passport after five years. The applicant must also have knowledge of French language and must visit Belgium for twice a year.


The UK has designed £2 million pound tier1 investor program. The investors can be from any nationality and the investment could be made in the form of UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital, investment in trade of registered UK Companies. Buying real estate in not allowed in UK.


The program under name of immigrant investor green card program (EB5) is offering permission to live anywhere in US with your spouse. You can apply for US passport after 5 years and you must live at least 6 months a year during prohibition period. The conditioned investment amount is minimum $1 million in urban cities or $500,000 in rural areas.


Under Quebec investor program initiated by Canada for the candidates interested to settle down in Quebec. The conditioned investment amount is CAD $1,200,000. Certain documents are also required. You can apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years.


Golden Visa program can be availed on investing minimum €500,000 in Spanish cities. You can apply for visa after 10 years that too is allowed on condition of having knowledge of Spanish language.


This popular country is offering Swiss citizenship if shown with experience of business, amount of CHF 200,000 per year investment is required. 12 years after staying in Switzerland, you can apply for Swiss passport.


A rather cheaper investor immigration program is offered by Greece. An amount of €250,000 spent on buying a real estate in Greece can earn you its citizenship but after living there for at least 7 to 8 years permanently.


The amount of €300,000 euro on bonds, real estate or business makes you eligible to gain permanent residency and citizenship after 5 years.

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