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Want to Immigrate? Read Some of Exciting Methods

Everybody Wants to Immigrate

Immigration is a popular term for 21st Century. Millions of people have migrated to other countries in the past decades. What is it?

“Immigration is the act of permanently moving and settling in the foreign states with or without family for various reasons.”

85 million Pakistanis are living in the overseas lands. Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Italy, Greece, France, Germany and Spain are the popular destinations of them.

Methods for Immigrating

There are many causes of Pakistani citizens due to which they reach to other nations. Social issues are the primary factors are behind it. Lack of proper healthcare, education, security and powerful economy are the main aspects.

Following are the excellent methods for immigration and relocation.

Immediate Relatives Can Help You

Immediate Relatives can sponsor their family members. Definition of family is different according to the immigration authorities. Followings are considered immediate relatives.



Siblings (Brothers and Sisters)

Many of the public go on this category of immigration to the American and European countries. It takes longer amount of time.


Marriage Based

Marrying foreign citizen can also motivation for reaching other regions of the globe. All of the major countries support this kind of resettlement. Weddings have to be officially registered at the national matrimonial offices. It takes shorter period of time.

Employment Based

Employment Based is the most popular type immigration. Many Pakistani professionals go on this principle. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom etc. They have requirement of getting job offer from offshore company. Some of these schemes are lengthier while others may be shorter. Check out Skilled Immigrant Program of Canada.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship means doing self-business. This term has also emerged in the 21st Century also. Many experts are running their own corporations now. Countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and Republic of China are issuing such group of visas. It also takes lesser amount of time for getting this permit.

Investment Based

Investment based immigration is such form of changing of residence in which foreigners invests immense amount of wealth in other countries for business and financial purposes. All countries of the Earth has such emigrational offers. Monetary stakeholders easily gets citizenship and permanent residence.



There are many ways and countries for immigrating and living there permanently. Nations located in the northern portion of Europe are the best for migration and have lot of welfare programs.


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