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What is USA Deportation and how to cope with it?


What is USA Deportation and how to cope with it?

Deportation is the process through which the person or foreigner PR holder from a country is kicked out from the country due to some serious reasons. It is, sometimes, comes to face when you alleged I some criminal activities and show misbehave with other citizens or break the rules of country and governmental level. In the extreme situation the country does not bear you and takes the decision to keep you away from the country to make the country safe from illegal and harsh affairs that you make there. Following are the desecrations here provided about the deportation process that who comes to face deportation, what process deportation leads, which issues the deported person face and how to cope with it etc.     

Who Goes Through Deportation?

According to the Immigration Policies, the foreigners go through some easy and strict rules for having stay there in USA. The person who is non US citizen or even having Green Card can be subjected to deportation. Following are the characters can be deported from USA:

  • Illegally entered immigrants into the USA.
  • Migrate through visa but are still living after expiring the permitted time.
  • Making frauds to get green card.
  • Dangers for the laws.
  • Involved in the criminal activities.

The Process of Deportation

In some cases the person who is going to deported arrested by the police through the instructions by immigration. But if the person is no danger or threat then the deportation process go through an easy way through which the deporting person get a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) by an email. This shows that the deportation process is being start and you receive the date to appear for “Master Calendar Hearing”. If you have any argue about your case you can also appeal and your immigration lawyer will try all possible ways to make your stay safe in USA.  

Rate of Deportation from USA 

Through the survey about the deportation in USA it is concluded that the rate or flow of deportation in USA is increasing with the passage of time. Previous surveys show the following conclusion about deportation rate in USA:

Era/Time Period

Depuration Rate

Bill Clinton Era (from 1997 to 2001)

About 870,000 people were deported from the United States.

George W. Bush Era (from 2001 to 2008)

About 2 million people were deported from the United States.

Barack Obama Era (from 2009 to 2016)

About 3.2 million people were deported from the United States.

After Deportation

  • The deported persons are not allowed to get entrance permission from 5 to 20 years after deporting from USA.
  • Deported persons can appeal through submit a written application to Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).
  • If once your application denied then you are also allowed to submit application for more one time.
  • However, in some rare cases, the deported persons are also allowed to make appeal to Supreme Court USA.

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