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Lahore is one of the most important and famous cities of Pakistan.  It is second largest city of Lahore in terms of Pakistan. It is a major metropolitan area in Punjab. It is an ancient city. Hindu populated  dominated it till Muslim conquest. Islam was spread here by the famous preachers and saints like Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA) who is the most respected holy man of Lahore.  King Mahmud of Ghazni was the first ever foreign ruler of Lahore. It came under rule of the British in the 19th Century. Lahore became principal city of Pakistan after independence in 1947.

Lahore is the biggest economic hub for Punjab and related regions. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Stock Exchange are the favorite places of traders, investors, sellers and other businesspeople. There are many colleges present in Lahore and it is known as City of Colleges. Many students from smaller towns have migrated to Lahore for the purpose. 

It is also called City of Living. It never sleeps. Public remains active 24/7. Masses from other regions have settled here. Society of Lahore is of diverse nature. All ethnic groups and some foreigners reside here due to the exceptional living conditions.

Lahore is the nucleus of information technology in Pakistan. Software Development and Web Services Providers have setup businesses here. Arfa Karim Technology Park is the tallest skyscraper of the city and is home of IT University.

Immigration to other countries is a popular subject among the people of Lahore. Many citizens wish to migrate to the foreign lands. Excellent surviving and financial conditions have captivated attention of immigration experts for establishing their offices in the beautiful city of Lahore. There are many professionals working here and offering migration services to the famous nations of the world.  Check list of consultants below. 


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