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Migration Consultant in Faisalabad

immigration consultants in Faisalabad


Faisalabad is one of the large and industrial cities of Pakistan. Old name of Faisalabad is Lyallpur. The city has got this name after visit of Shah Faisal, King of Saudi Arabia. This major event took place in 1977. It has excessively large agricultural land and significant cash crops are grown and cultivated there. It is another major city of Punjab after Lahore. People from rural regions like AnandPura, 204 R.B. have migrated to Faisalabad.

Culture of Faisalabad is mainly Punjabi. It has many parks and entertaining locations for the tourists. It also host lot of national and international sports events. There are numerous, schools and universities located in Faisalabad. University of Agriculture is situated there which is an eminent school for agronomical studies

Economy of Faisalabad is robust and influential. Every kind of goods are manufactured there. Fabric sector is dominant is present. Famous clothing brands have installed their production units. This clothing is exported to many high developed nations of the world. There are many beautiful places in the city of Faisalabad. Many highly skilled professional, businessmen and investors also live in Faisalabad. They wish to reach abroad for achievement of better life.

Settlement in the exotic countries of the Earth is a popular topic among workers, students and others living in the towns of Faisalabad. Middle East is a well-known location for them. Many of the experts also work and establish houses in the United Kingdom and United States. Industrialists, financers and entrepreneurs travelled from there to the western prominent countries. Check out list of renowned immigration consultants in Faisalabad below.


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Mohsin Shahzad 12/10/2018

Sir I need a British job visa soO can you hlp me plzz

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