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Migration Consultant in Karachi

immigration consultants in karachi


Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is a larger metropolitan area of the world. It covers largest urban portion of the world. It lies within Arabian Sea and is a coastal city. Seaport of Karachi is great importance for the economy of Pakistan. Trading goods are moved from here to foreign countries. It was former capital city of Pakistan. Karachi has gained exceptional category of significance due to being birthplace of Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. His tomb is located here.

Karachi is located at the Indus River Delta which is a larger portion of water. Arabian Sea impact climate of the city. Summers are usually warmer in summers and less chilly in winter. The town receives largest amount of rainfall.

Every kind of ethnic group live in Karachi. It is a migrant city of Pakistan. Arab armies have invaded the city and conquered from the local rulers. British Government has played crucial role in the development of the city during their reign. After independence of Pakistan in 1947, Muslim refugees from Republic of Indian immigrated and settled here. Better economic and financial conditions after independence of Pakistan has led to movement of Pakistanis from other cities into it.

Economy of Karachi serves as monetary backbone of Pakistan. There are several sectors deployed here who are earning a lot. Numerous trading companies have their headquarters there. IT has evolved here and major businesses relating to high-tech enterprises have their offices here. Profitable growth of Karachi has led to the establishment of media companies in Karachi. Entertainment zones have also shifted from Lahore to Karachi.

Despite being a progressive city, it has largest rate of crimes in Pakistan and other ethnic conflicts have also led to stabilization of the city. Military of Pakistan has launched several operating for making city a peaceful town. These circumstances have directed immigration of the living in Karachi to other major nations of the world. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates is a favorite destination of the professionals and business owners. Their visas can be easily obtained while comparing to European states. Other public also go abroad to United States, Canada, Kuwait and Malaysia etc.

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