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Immigration to Germany




Migration to Germany Introduction

Currently, citizens from third-world countries are striving hard to settle in western countries. Quality life with swift accessibility of living necessities are available in these developed nations. Germany is the fifth desirable destination where most people want to migrate. Along with the skilled population many international students choose Germany for their abroad studies.

The prospective immigrant applies in his/her home country for a German visa. Applications are submitted to the German embassies or consulates-general. The visa is issued depending on the duration of stay for short-stay Schengen visa is issued, otherwise, a German national visa is granted to those who want to stay longer in Germany. The Schengen visa is valid for up to three months. It is meant for vacation or business trips and for language courses. The national visa, however, meant that the applicant is planning to stay longer in Germany.

Depending on the home country, the applicant might be exempted from visa formalities. But this condition is applied to EU/EEA citizens. However, for non-EU students or immigrants, it is essential to have a visa in hand prior to entering Germany. Generally, international students need a German student visa. The visa is granted by the German consulate in their home country.

Whatever be the route, the students require a residence permit for studies lasting more than 90 days, once they arrive in Germany.


Settlement in Germany has many pathways like

  • Through Business

  • Via Study program in Germany

  • Job Seeking

  • Training/Internship programs

  • Family Reunion for Relative or Partner


The route to settlement in Germany requires the following things:

  • Financial Stability proven through strong financial statements

  • Health Insurance.

  • Proficiency in the German language

  • Residence Permit

  • European Union (EU) Blue Card

  • Settlement t or Permanent Residence Permit.


COVID-19 Restrictions in Germany

Like other countries, there are strict COVID- 19 based entry restrictions in Germany also. Persons who wish to enter Germany have to register/themselves digitally. It, however, counts from where the person is arriving. From most foreign countries, travelers have to provide a negative COVID test result or proof of vaccination. Moreover, the passenger arriving in Germany has to comply with quarantine regulations.

 Countries with the prevalent occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 virus variants are under a travel- ban. Travel companies are not allowed to carry any persons from these high-risk countries to Germany. However, there are some exceptions to this travel ban.

The permanent residence permit for international students or employees who have legally spend the assigned duration (years) in Germany is eligible to apply for permanent residency. The PR holders not only stay for long in Germany. They, in fact, are allowed to study, work and call their family

Members in Germany.


German Immigration for Employment

Germany offers attractive employment opportunities to skilled workers and other qualified professionals. To immigrate such capable resources, foreign immigration authorities in Germany have relaxed the immigration policies.

The people who want to enter Germany through the employment pathway have to: 

Find a suitable employer in Germany who is looking for foreign employees

  • The candidate, then has to apply for the Germany Working Visa,

  • Next, the person will enter Germany and should first apply to get a working residence permit.

  • It is better for the traveler to check that he/she will receive the same benefits the local employee is getting for e.g. salary and workplace comforts.

The foreign employee has to meet all requirements of the German authorities (registration and certification).

  • The foreign employee in Germany can work in Germany as long as the residence permit is valid. The employer, however, has the authority to refer your extension of residence permit before expiry.

  • Moreover, after some span of time, the employee can personally apply for permanent residence.


German Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Those who have extra cash in their pocket can opt for the investing options. On average the amount of 250,000 Euros is a good option to set up a business in Germany. A Self Employment Visa, which is a branch of Germany Working Visa invites foreign entrepreneurs to help in raising German economy

Entrepreneurs in Germany are automatically granted extended residence permits after three years. This Unlimited extension of residence permit will allow the person to enter and leave the country whenever the holder is, however, recommended to hire services of a business immigration lawyers to work and live safely in another country.


German Immigration for Family Reunions

Spouses and children old can apply for immigration to Germany to join their spouses or parents. Children above 16 years do not fall in this category. To file the case of spouse or dependents, it is better to take some legal help.

The requirements and detail for a family reunion visa are available 


Settlement in Germany through Student Visa

Those who want to settle in Germany with a study visa in hand have to follow the given pathway.

  • Applying to a German university or other institution

  • Fulfilling the requirements of admission

  • Getting admission approval through the acceptance letter

  • Proof about the proficiency of language (English or German)

  • Proof of financial stability through bank statements of last 6 months of the student or the sponsor in Pakistan or awarded scholarship program

  • A valid up to date passport with copies of pages 1 and 2

  • Proof of health insurance coverage

  • Information about any visa refusal

When the prospective student provides the above-mentioned documents properly, the consulate will set an appointment or an appointment information sheet has to be filled by the applicant.

When the student has the visa in hand he/she can travel to Germany for the completion of studies.

This type of visa has three months validity unless the student applies for the extension of the residence permit upon arrival in Germany. The student has to register with the Resident Registration Office after he/she gets the residence. Students will receive a confirmation of registration which will help them to apply for the residence permit.


Family reunion

Students are allowed to bring their spouse and immediate family to Germany if the student is staying in Germany for over a year. To bring the family the student should have a residence permit and were married. The student should be able to financially support the family while living in Germany.

Another good option for settlement in Germany is meant for scientific researchers. These scientists can apply for a scientific visa.


Requirement for Settlement in Germany 

Students have to open a German bank account to do several things in Germany. To open an account at a German bank the student needs enrollment identity and registration from the Resident Registration Office.

Although many scholarship or academic programs are offered in English but learning, speaking, and understanding German will help the student in many ways to settle in Germany. It will also increase the chances of getting well-paid jobs in Germany during or after completion of the study program.

Students who want to settle in Germany after completion of their studies must have a Permanent Residence (PR) After Studies in Germany. It is also known as the German Settlement Permit.

German Settlement Permit

This, in fact, is permission of permanent residence for international students or employees. To gain this permit it is necessary that the individual has legally spent some years in Germany.

After getting the permanent residency permit, the individual is allowed to stay in Germany as long he/she wants. Now the permanent resident is allowed to study, do the job, and apply for his/her family reunion visa.

Legally it is stated that an international student who got his degree from a German university can apply for permanent residency if he/she has successfully completed the studies in Germany and has been staying as well as working in Germany for the last 2 years.


Requirements for the Settlement Permit

•             Completed application form.

•             Valid passport

•             Valid residence permit.

•             Biometric photographs.

•             Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. degree-awarding certificates from either a public or government recognized university.

•             For private institutions information is available on the relative websites.

•             Evidence of employment with the duration in years.

•             If the student hasn’t completed two years of a job after completing his/her studies, he/she can show the employment contract.

•             Proof of off-campus accommodation and registration

•             Residence permit.

•             Payment records of at least 24 months of general insurance or health insurance

•             Documents of tax payments.

•             Proof of learning German to at least level B1.

After collecting and all the mentioned documents and proof the applicant has to contact the local Foreigner’s Registration Office. If the mentioned requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled, the awarded German PR is awarded to the applicant.


German Citizenship

 German residents with a settlement permit can apply for citizenship if they have spent eight years in Germany. This process is called naturalization.



Although there are various expenditures one has to face while living or travelling to Germany. A simple layout for different costs is as follows

The German visa costs 75 euros, flights to Germany start from 200 Euros, and the German language proficiency test costs approximately 100 Euros. Living cost ranges from 800 to 1000 Euros per month. Tuition is free in most German public universities. However, private institution charges according to the course offered. German Citizenship. Applying for a settlement permit in Germany costs between 115 -150 Euros. Citizenship by naturalization process charges around 300 Euros

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Wish to live children's complete degree in germany

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Helen 11/07/2021

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Helen 11/07/2021

My wish to live in Germany and work there with my family.also my wish to my children's complete there education there.

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