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Immigration to Canada



.Immigration to Canada Options

·Express Entry Program

·Immigration via study Program

·Getting a Work Permit

·Permanent Residency

·Family Sponsorship

·Canada’s Start-up Visa Program



Immigrations to Canada Options for Pakistani Nationals

The Canadian government offers various options through which Pakistani residents can move to Canada on immigration. The three broad categories include:

  1. Immigration through a work permit

  2. Immigration through a study program

  3. Immigration through family sponsorship.



The Express Entry Program

Primarily, if Pakistani nationals wish to migrate to Canada, they need to apply through the “Express Entry” online applications.

To apply via the Express Entry program, the applicant has to create a Profile to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) status.

The points awarded to each category in this Comprehensive Ranking System will sketch the applicant’s standing. These points are granted on several factors like previous work experience, skills, training, financial status, etc.

 Canadian Government offers to apply for permanent resident status to applicants scoring the highest number of total points.

The programs offered are as follows:

  • (FSW) Federal Skilled Worker Class

  • (FST) Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • (CEC)Canadian Experience Class

  • (PNP)Provincial Nomination Program

  • Family Sponsorship


The Express Entry Procedure:

The Express Entry will assess the eligibility of the applicant based on education, work experience, and language proficiency. The applicant has to submit valid documents like educational certificates, financial statements, language test scores, job offers, health reports to gain points in the express entry process. This will create the applicant’s profile.

  • Once the profile is completed, it is uploaded to the website.

  • Then the applicant has to wait to receive the invitation to apply.

  • Once the applicant gets the invitation he or she becomes eligible to apply for permanent residence.

  • An online form is available for the applicant. The candidate has to pay application fees while applying.

  • When the application is approved, the applicant has to appear for Interviews at various levels.

  • If the applicant passes the interview sessions he/she becomes eligible to enter Canada.



Canadian Citizenship through Study Programs

Canada offers some practical options through which international students can get an opportunity to get Permanent Residence in Canada.

International students who want to reside permanently in Canada need a study permit to pursue their studies in Canadian Universities.

To get a study permit the student needs to apply online, no matter if the student is living in Canada or residing in his home country.

  • Along with the online application, an international student has to submit some essential documents.

These include:

  • The letter of acceptance issued to you by the Canadian institution {(DLI) designated learning institution}.

  • Document showing the proof of identity

  • evidence of  financial support

An email will be sent to the student to confirm what he/she needs to submit. The deadline is revised if the student provides a valid reason for the delay especially if he/she is affected by COVID-19. If the application is approved, the study permit is issued to the applicant. The permit, however, is issued at the port of entry when you arrive in Canada or is mailed to the applicant who is residing in Canada

  • Students who have applied for their study permit from outside Canada will get a port of entry letter of introduction. The students need to show the letter to a border services officer when they arrived in Canada. As well, an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) is also issued to enter Canada.


The COVID –Based Regulations.

The regulations for a study permit, however, are updated regularly especially after the COVID scenario. An international student with an approved study permit is exempted from the travel restrictions. This clause is applied to students who have already received their study permit or their study permit is approved before March 2020. On the other hand, international students residing in Canada can apply for the renewal of their study permit; these students are allowed to continue their studies and work while the renewal is under process. International students holding a study permit issued after March 18, 2020, are not permissible to enter Canada due to COVID restrictions.

  • The airline requirements and a health check are necessary before boarding.

  • COVID Vaccination is mandatory for every applicant


Seeking Permanent Residency in Canada

Students who want to stay permanently in Canada should follow the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway. To get permanent residency or citizenship the student should work in Canada for an assigned period.

The student is eligible for permanent residence if:

  • He/she has work experience in Canada in an essential occupation or the health or health services field or

  • He/she has recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution

To stay longer in Canada, the student has to apply online for a study permit extension to continue the studies.

The student, however, can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP), if he/she has completed the study program.

The student can also apply to change his/her status to visitor


Working as a student

According to the regulations issued on September 1, 2020, students can work in Canada if they are 

  • Full-time students

  • Enrolled at a DLI

  • Comply with all on-campus and off-campus work eligibility requirements

Co-op work permits

Many international students are studying online from abroad during the pandemic. Some Canadian authorities allow students to work from their home country or work for a Canadian or multinational company in their home country.



Work in Canada temporarily after you graduate

To work in Canada after graduation, a work permit is required. Moreover, the work experience will qualify the person to apply for permanent residence.

Specific and designated learning institutions issue this work permit for their graduates with the title Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Graduates or individuals who are not eligible for a PGWP can also work in Canada with other types of work permits.

The following are the types of work permits issued in Canada

  • Open work permits

  • Employer-specific work permits.


The requirements for an individual to work in Canada

  • The individual who  has completed a study program at a Canadian DLI not before January 2017

  • He/she possessed one of the qualifying credentials (degree, diploma, certificate)

  • The person is employed in Canada with a valid permit/authorization to work.

  • Proficient in either English or French

  • He/she is living in Canada on legal temporary status   


French-Speaking International Graduates:

Many opportunities are available for French-speaking international graduates in Canada.  French-speaking workers are highly demanded in most of the Canadian provinces, therefore if you speak and understand French fluently, opportunities are waiting for the applicant.


Fee Structure:

The fee to apply for a  Canadian visa is 100 Canadian$. Moreover, a study permit will cost 150 Canadian $. The renewal of the study permit costs 350 Canadian $. The temporary resident permit is earned in 200 Canadian $. Individuals can get their work permits in 155 Canadian dollars per person. While the charges for an open work permit are 100 Canadian $.Permanent Resident Card is acquired in 50 Canadian $ and the fee for applying for citizenship status is 630 Canadian $. Likewise, different amounts are required for each visa category.



Permanent residency

Graduates of other individuals who have resided in Canada for a designated time with Canadian employment in hand can get the status of permanent resident via immigrating to Canada. A permanent resident, in fact, is not a Canadian citizen; rather, he/she is a person from other countries who have stayed in Canada for at least 730 days within 5 years.

To maintain permanent resident status, the applicant must meet the following residency obligation

 The person should be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days within five years. It is however not necessary to stay for a continuous period of 730 days.

Once the permanent residency is confirmed, the person will get a permanent resident card and can enjoy the social bounties that Canadian citizens receive. This includes health care coverage and other fringe benefits like:

  • He/she can work, study and reside anywhere in Canada,

  • The individual can become a Canadian citizen.

  • These individuals are protected under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • They have to pay taxes

  • They should obey all the federal, provincial and municipal Canadian laws.

The permanent resident can apply for Canadian Citizenship when:

  • The individual is a permanent resident

  • He/she has lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years (1,095 days)

  • He/she has filed legal taxes

  • He/she has passed a citizenship test

  • The individual is proficient in either English or French



Spousal Sponsorship of a Pakistani Partner

Family Class immigration programs support family reunions. Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada are allowed to sponsor the following relatives to come to Canada to become permanent residents (PRs).

The Family Class (overseas) or In-Canada Class allows the following relatives to enter Canada

  • A Spouse from Pakistan

  • A Partner(conjugal) from Pakistan – and their Dependants

  • Child(ren) as dependants – and their Dependants

Information on the following topics may also be of interest


Canada’s Start-up Visa Program

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program invites entrepreneurs to initiate their businesses in Canada. This category focuses on individuals or groups that

  • are innovative

  • can generate earning opportunities for Canadians

  • can take a challenge on a global scale

To be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, the applicant should have :

  • have a running business

  • possesses a letter of support from a Canadian or multinational organization

  • meet the language requirements

  • has sound financial assets to settle in a foreign country


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Interested in Canadian immigration, kindly guide me! Thank you.

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Ammadrazzaq 01/10/2018

I want to apply for Canadian immigration. Regards Ammad 03411488861..

Ammadrazzaq 01/10/2018

I want to apply for Canadian immigration. Regards Ammad 03411488861..

Ammadrazzaq 01/10/2018

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